On Nike Dri-fit and other sports clothing fabrics

When I was still active in mountain climbing and going the gym, I usually wear Dri Fit clothing because it’s convenient, cool to the skin and lightweight. Washing and drying them is also a breeze, dirts and stains can be easily removed and they dry easily. It has been the popular choice for most athletes because it wicks away perspiration from the body and brings it to another surface of the fabric. One major disadvantage of this fabric is its smell, no matter how much fabric conditioners and detergent I used, it still has this funky smell. Until I answered this from Dneero, I learned that the culprit for that funky smell is the residues left by perspiration in the fabric. Feel free to answer the survey below.

Choose the best painting

This is a survey from Dneero to help Chrissy Flicker decide which of these paintings will she submit to the judges of Atlanta Artists Center show. Visit her blog at http://chrissyflicker.blogspot.com/ to see descriptions of her abstract paintings.

Practical way to save up on gas

Philippines and other countries are suffering from exorbitant prices of gas. As a result, all commodities also go up. Life is difficult these days, the value of our money is getting smaller and buying power becomes lesser.

Jeff and I use our fuel-hogging car to work. The Php 800.00 gas we load every week is enough to get us to work and home and some errands to the mall once in a while. That was 3-4 months ago. Now, with gas prices at Php 60.47 per liter, the Php 800 gas will last us for only 3 days, *sighs*.

What to do? Well, we managed a car-pool. Good thing that my brother is working just 2 blocks away from our office. On days that we don’t use our car, we rode with our brother’s car and the next week, my brother will ride with us. The only problem is going home because we have different working hours, we finish early that’s why we have to commute going home. Commuting, riding jeepneys, FX and trains, will be a great help to the drivers too. It will increase their income since there will be an increase in their passengers. It’s like hitting two birds at one stone too, we get to save more money if we take FX/jeepneys instead of taking our car and helping the drivers as well.

Should gas prices still continue to rise, we might sell our present car and buy a more fuel-efficient one. We’re eyeing a Suzuki Swift or a Honda Jazz

If you have some other tips on how to save on gas, please share. Meanwhile, I got my inspiration for this post from Dneero, you can also answer the conversation below:

Do you want to live in the US?

To others, living in the US and be a green card holder is a life-long dream. But with the recession in the US economy, can living in the land of milk and honey still promises a bright future? If, for instance, US citizenship is for sale, would you take the plunge?

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Earn money by joining conversations

I joined Dneero after reading some blogs that they did get to earn from this site. It’s very easy, you just have to answer questions and it won’t take time. Post in your blog for your readers to also join the conversation. It’s very similar to what others do in their blogs, Friendster and Multiply wherein they get tagged and they answer those memes. But this time, you get paid every time you answer.

So guys, please take time to answer this Home Computer Security topic:

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