Cyleina Organic Soaps – a review

Cyleina Organic Soaps has been popular in many online forums like Girltalk and Teentalk for almost 2 years now. The soaps are lovingly handmade and uses organic ingredients and pure essential oils to make the skin soft and moisturized. Perhaps, the reasons why Cyleina Organic Soaps are popular is because it’s affordable and effective. I tried other organic soap brands that are priced at Php 100 or more, but after a few uses, I can’t finish the whole bar because it already melted on my soapdish. With Cyleina, I can still use the soap and gives enough lather even until it’s just the size of a pea. There are so many varieties to choose from so it’s unlikely for you not to find one that suits your skin best. For only Php 60 per bar, you can try them all until you find the best soaps for you.

Let me share my fave variants of Cyleina Organic Soaps:

Cyleina Black Pearl soap

Cyleina Black Pearl soap

Cyleina Black Pearl

Cyleina Organic Black pearl inspired soap made from the finest high grade quality of arbutin, collagen oil, licorice and Vitamins C & E. Only the best ingredients that mother nature can give are used in this exquisite creation.

This is the top seller among Cyleina soaps. I first used this for my face but eventually use this as my body soap as well. I’m crazy about the scent, it’s long lasting and the minty scent makes you feel refreshed every time. This may leave your skin a little bit dry since it’s more of a whitening soap than moisturizing. I also hope that they manufacture bigger sizes for this soap for the body since the 45-gram size is only intended for the face.

Cyleina Papaya Goats Milk soap

Cyleina Papaya Goat's Milk soap

Papaya Goat’s Milk

Capture the superb benefits of papaya and goat’s milk with CYLEINA ORGANIC PAPAYA GOAT’S MILK SOAP! This is higly recommended for individuals who want to lighten their skin color without drying and irritating their sensitive skin.

Most whitening soaps are a bit drying, but Cyleina combined two ingredients to work both ways, whitening the skin and at the same time, moisturizing the skin. I never experienced any itchiness with this soap unlike other Papaya-based soaps I used.

Cyleina Tomato soap

Cyleina Tomato soap


CYLEINA ORGANIC TOMATO SOAP counters oily skin by absorbing surplus oil. The tonic benefits of tomato deeply cleanses and tightens the pores. Alpha-Hydroxy Acids found in tomato helps get rid of pimples and acne through its gentle exfoliating action and this also results to getting your cheeks a rosy hue and your body a fair glow!

I use this soap because it helps control my backne. I can feel a tightening effect after each use.

Cyleina Rice Bran soap

Cyleina Rice Bran soap

Rice Bran

A source of vitamin E complex, antioxidants and other micronutrients to help fight free radicals and combat the effects of aging. Rice bran’s natural enzyme will helps to dissolve dead skin & blemishes, while retaining moisture.

I got curious when I heard about the Rice Bran soap, I only encountered this variant from Cyleina. And it’s been one of my staple order because I like the mild sweet smell of this soap. It has mild exfoliators but won’t leave your skin dry. It’s best for sensitive skin too.

Ready to try? Look for official Cyleina resellers in your area, the soaps are also available at selected Hortaleza branches. But for your convenience, you can also order online from my trusted online seller at Multiply, she’s my friend/officemate. She can do meet-ups around Tayuman and Quezon Ave area.

Visit her site at, Hazel Melo.

Cyleina official website:


  1. hallu sis! i linked this amazing review to my blog… i hope you wont mind…


  2. hehe, thanks sa special mention. btw, me bagong variants na: apple cinnamon saka green tea. gusto mo samples? 😀


  3. sis it was a great post!Im a cyleina lover too!=) i love my skin now, been using it fr 2years na din


  4. thanks for sharing, nice article


  5. hi. ust want to ask where can i buy cyleina soaps? thanks 😀


  6. hi hazel! Can i have ur friend’s cel number instead so i can txt her. I wanna try cyleina soaps. I dnt have multiply acct e. Thanx!


  7. After i use Cyleina Tomato soap. Ang hapdi sa muka, sobra & lalong dumami pimples ko. I thought its organic?? Bakit ang harsh nya sa face?? Ang taas pa naman ng expectation ko sa product nila. Disappointed much.


    maike Reply:

    me, too. tinigil ko na yung tomato soap. black pearl na lang.


  8. base on my experience, pinagsabay ko po yung cyleina black pearl and cyleina tomato soap. ang nagyari is parang nangitim ung skin ko, pati underarms ko, parang nasunog. so nagtext ako sa number ng cyleina na nakapost sa site nila then sabi nila baka daw hindi hiyang sa akin. they suggest na itry ko daw yung RICE BRAND. ngayon, stop ko muna yung tomato then black pearl muna gamit ko. so far,nag light na yung skin ko then nag light na din yung underarms ko. thank god! pero ita-try ko pa din yung rice bran. in fairness naman sa cyleina tomato, maganda sya sa body skin, smooth and silky sya. hindi lang siguro hiyang sa face ko. :))


  9. is it safe to use 2 different cyleina soaps?tnx


    hbgeek Reply:

    Yes Lou, others use a different soap in the morning and another one at night.



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