Raw revolution with Qplus Multivitamins and Ole Olive Leaf Extract

Today, more and more people are into health and wellness. More people are involved into sports and a lot of people are starting to eat more healthy choices. It’s great that we now have plenty of options, whether we want our fruits and vegetables organic or our diets must be low in carbohydrates, etc.

Between my husband and I, he is the one who is into healthy living. We reserve our Fridays as our cleansing day because our lunch will be salad from the organic market near our office. He would often buy fruit shakes instead of colas and flavored juices. He believes in the health benefits of RAW food, but no, not raw fish or meat, it’s raw fruits and vegetables.

I once watched an episode in Oprah years ago about eating raw food. The concept is that by simply cooking the food, most of its nutrients and vitamins are lost. By eating raw, the vitamins and nutrients are all intact.

This is why Qplus is proud to carry Vital Code raw multivitamins and Ole Olive Leaf Extract.

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Nanay Earth The Flowers and The Bees Premium Lotion – a review

Nanay Earth is an online Multiply shop that also sells natural products for the skin. They have facial masks, creams, lotions and soaps, most of the products contain emu oil. Having a good experience with emu oil-based products, I decided to try The Flowers & The Bees Premium Lotion after emptying a tub of Vanilla & Co. Whipped Buttercream.

Nanay Earth The Flowers & The Bees Premium Lotion

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Vanilla & Co. Organic Cocoa Whipped Butter and Whipped Buttercream – a review

Since my pregnancy, I’ve dreaded the day I’ll see stretchmarks in my tummy. So I searched for recommended products online and health and beauty stores until I zeroed in on Vanilla & Co.’s Organic Cocoa Whipped Butter. I chose cocoa butter because it’s a natural antioxidant that clears and smoothes the skin and is frequently used for treating dry skin and stretch marks. It has vitamin E that will be beneficial for my pregnant skin. I also considered trying out Shea Butter from another online seller but it’s too expensive, so I first tried the most affordable one.

Vanilla & Co. Cocoa Butter and Whipped Buttercream

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New Cyleina Organics Soaps I’m using

As an expecting mom, I’m wary of not only what I eat but also on what I put on my skin. There are a lot of discussions on beauty products safe for pregnant women, some products to avoid are those containing salicylic acid, retinoids, atni-aging products, hair depilatories and hair dyes. Good thing products I’m using are mostly organic and natural, and now, I’m trying out other variants of Cyleina Organic Soaps that have more moisturizing properties to keep stretchmarks at bay.

Shea Butter

Cyleina Shea Butter

Shea butter heals blemishes and keeps wrinkles at bay and is also an excellent skin moisturizer.

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Battle of organic insect repellents

Protect your child and yourselves from dengue-carrying mosquitoes and other insects by using these organic and natural insect repellents. Even adults can use these products because its safer and natural unlike those DEET-containing insect repellents. Studies have shown the harmful effects of DEET in our bodies, imagine applying DEET-containing products im our skin! Now, we can all put our worries aside because more and more manufacturers/entrepreneurs are leaning towards natural products.

The three organic/natural products I’ve tried and tested for myself are Indigo Baby’s Shoo Fly Don’t Bother Me, Giga Baby’s Lemon-scented Baby Insect Repellant Spray and Messy Bessy’s insect repellent.

Indigo Baby Shoo Fly Don’t Bother Me

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Venus and Mars Lulur Soap – a review

I ordered Venus and Mars Lulur soap together with the Emu Mineral Lip Butter Tints. I’ve been wanting to try this soap ever since it was first launched in VnM’s Multiply shop but I find it impractical to order only just one soap. Fortunately, I was able to try this soap last month.

Venus and Mars Lulur Soap

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