Cyleina Organic Soaps – a review

Cyleina Organic Soaps has been popular in many online forums like Girltalk and Teentalk for almost 2 years now. The soaps are lovingly handmade and uses organic ingredients and pure essential oils to make the skin soft and moisturized. Perhaps, the reasons why Cyleina Organic Soaps are popular is because it’s affordable and effective. I tried other organic soap brands that are priced at Php 100 or more, but after a few uses, I can’t finish the whole bar because it already melted on my soapdish. With Cyleina, I can still use the soap and gives enough lather even until it’s just the size of a pea. There are so many varieties to choose from so it’s unlikely for you not to find one that suits your skin best. For only Php 60 per bar, you can try them all until you find the best soaps for you.

Let me share my fave variants of Cyleina Organic Soaps:

Cyleina Black Pearl soap

Cyleina Black Pearl soap

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