Bike racks

Jeff has a mountain bike, I think more and more people own a bike these days. I prefer bikes than motorcycles. Less pollution plus you get to work out too. He sometimes joins bike caravans or parades or sometimes, go to a location somewhere south just to bike. His primary complain is he has to bike all the way to the location instead of just loading the bike to the car and just unload it there. We still have no yakima bike racks but we’re saving for it. I told him to just buy a folding bike so that it’s easier to load and unload.

Singapore is bike-friendly

It’s no secret that my husband is an outdoorsy type of person, he loves mountain climbing, running and his present hobby, biking. He bought a mountain bike as a birthday gift for himself last year. Unfortunately, save for 1 or 2 biking activities he joined like the Tour of the Fireflies, he still can’t maximize the use of his bike. One reason is that we still don’t have a yakima bike rack that lets us bring the bike somewhere far where bike trails are abundant like Laguna or Rizal. Another reason is that our roads and sidestreets are not bike-friendly. So when we went to Singapore, he’s green with envy with plenty of bikers around and wished that Manila will be the same. We saw plenty of folding bikes there.

bikes in Singapore

Plenty of parked bikes can be found beside MRT stations and malls. Bikes are one mode of transportation of Singaporeans, less traffic and less pollution.

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