Ikea Restaurant and Cafe

When we visited Ikea at Causeway Bay in Hong Kong, we thought that Ikea food is all about their famed Swedish meatballs. So when I saw the humongous Ikea restaurant in Singapore, I got too excited I almost forgot that Ikea is a furniture/home store and not mainly a restaurant. The yummy and affordable Ikea food is just a bonus…

Ikea Singapore menu

Ikea restaurant

On our table…

Organic pasta with meatballs

chicken wings

And they have yummy desserts too…

cake desserts at Ikea

After going around inside Ikea and ogling over beautiful modern furniture, cute baby things, vanity things, office stuff, etc… we ended up with another food section just outside the cashiers.

And guess who’s happy at these sight? Reminds me of the song, “there’s a rainbow after the rain”, at Ikea, there are Swedish chocolates waiting for me….

Ikea chocolates

Will blog about these on my chocolate haul post….


Ikea Tampines

60 Tampines North Drive 2,
Singapore 528764


  1. i love ikea chocolates 🙂 i wanna go to ikea now! haha


  2. May Ikea resto pala? Ang alam ko lang kasing Ikea yung sa furniture hehe!


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