Ikea chocolates

A food discovery this good deserves a spotlight. I first picked up just 3 pieces of these right after I paid for my purchases at Ikea. Good thing my friend, Janet, also bought 2 bars and opened it for us to taste. Jeff liked the taste and gave me a go signal to hoard, yipeee! For you info, Jeff is like a police whenever I buy chocolates, I always end up buying too little sweets when he’s around, hehehe.

Ikea Chocolates

We love the Dark Chocolate and Hazelnut variant. They are just SGD 1.80 (Php 63.05) each. They can serve as pasalubong too if you’re tired of giving Merlion chocolates, magnets and key chains.


  1. I love Ikea! Also their food items. I even bought home these chocolates when I came back from SG. =)

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    Jerry Reply:

    Can you help le where I can buy IKEA chocolate in Singapore..Thanks and I appreciate..


    Badet Reply:

    Go to Ikea in Tampines or Alexandra.


    Jerry Reply:

    Hi Badet, where in exactly on Tampines? Thanks!

  2. Cute packaging!


  3. Oh my hanging out here in your blog makes me miss Singapore!!


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