A boring personal post

Sometimes, I envy those people who have jobs that have flexibility in terms of working hours and days. Specifically, people with healthcare jobs like doctors. They can go to their clinics and accept patients even twice or thrice a week for just a few hours a day and they’re still earning enough moolah. Just a random thought because earlier, I called in sick for work because I’m not feeling well  (again) because of cough and colds, and suspected conjunctivitis (sore eyes). When I called the Medicard coordinator if there is a scheduled opthalmologist affiliated with my health card,  she said the doctor is available only on Friday. Geez, I can’t wait till Friday. Good thing the redness subsided and looks like it’s just irritated with the fumes/paint inside the house. Gotta get back to work tomorrow…


  1. take care of your health 🙂

    and opposite to your blog entry’s title, i didnt find it boring 🙂


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