Zumba at JNA Dance and Fitness Center

I accepted an invite to join the Zumba classes at JNA Dance and Fitness Center at Shangri-la Mall together with my blogger friends. Zumba is a very popular dance workout and I know some people who just watch the videos on Youtube and follow the steps in their own homes. But for me, Zumba is best enjoyed when you’re in a group and dancing in the studio with energetic music.

pre-Zumba, fresh pa =)

I really enjoyed our session even though parehong kaliwa ang paa ko, hihi. The instructor, Ms. Glenda Martinez graciously moved to the beat and imbibe the energy among us. I will never dance Zumba alone.

JNA Dance and Fitness Center is located at the Level 4 of Shangri-La Mall, so if you work in Ortigas or you pass by the area on your way home, this is a good place to have your Zumba workout. They also offer Belly Dancing with Jill Ngo.

Zumba workout with Ms. Glenda Martinez per session is Php 575. Visit http://www.jnadance.com/ or https://www.facebook.com/JNADanceandFitnessCenter for other programs, schedules and rates.

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