Tire mishap

We just experienced one weird but really scary mishap on one of our car tires last Wednesday. On our way to work, we just noticed that the car was wobbling and Jeff suspected a flat tire. But upon inspection, that tire was bloated. It formed a huge bump on the part where it comes in contact with the road. I could not imagine how terrifying it would be if it burst while running on high speed. Thank God we’re safe!

I’ll post the photo once I get the details about the tire’s brand and if something similar happened to car owners. I wonder if tires are also covered in the insurance. What do I know, I’m clueless about cars.


  1. Omg! It’s good thing you were not going very fast! Thats really scary.


  2. I drive too and wouldn’t know what to do if that happened to me! It’s good you’re ok.


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