Tire mishap

We just experienced one weird but really scary mishap on one of our car tires last Wednesday. On our way to work, we just noticed that the car was wobbling and Jeff suspected a flat tire. But upon inspection, that tire was bloated. It formed a huge bump on the part where it comes in contact with the road. I could not imagine how terrifying it would be if it burst while running on high speed. Thank God we’re safe!

I’ll post the photo once I get the details about the tire’s brand and if something similar happened to car owners. I wonder if tires are also covered in the insurance. What do I know, I’m clueless about cars.

Safety first

It’s been years since I’ve put off getting a comprehensive car insurance but now that baby’s here, it’s a must that we have one. Considering the many road accidents reported in the news today, even if your driving safely, accidents do happen especially with all those reckless bus drivers and speedy taxi drivers. As what my husband said, defensive driving is a must when your in the street. A little prayer before driving to keep away from harm is what I always remind him too.

This time, a comprehensive insurance will be a good start before we start bringing along Gwen wherever we go. Any suggestions on good car insurance companies out there?

Choosing a car insurance plan

For car owners, do you have a comprehensive car insurance plan? Honestly, we don’t. When we first bought our car, that’s the only time that it has a comprehensive insurance but after 3 years, we only have TPL or Third Party Liability insurance plan which is required by the LTO for the car registration renewal.

We are always considering to avail one but we still can’t decide what insurance company is good. I’ve found one car insurance that targets lady car owners, Pink Wheels, tempting benefits too but I will let Jeff decide what car insurance plan he fancies. Besides, I can’t understand all the manly jargons such as extended warranty, manufacturer’s warranty, 5th wheel warranty, mechanical breakdown insurance, etc…

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