Best Christmas Holiday Destinations in 2017

Well, it’s that time of the year approaching again and well, you need to get ready with some new destinations this time around rather than laze around your home sitting by the best electric fireplace. So how about going to the best Carribean island this winter or indulging yourself to the liveliest town on New Year’s Eve? Whatever your preferences may be, we have compiled a list of the best destinations to go enjoy your Christmas at:

christmas vacation 2017

  1. Costa Rica

    Costa Rica is the place to be if you are looking to indulge yourself to perfect beaches, restaurants, hotels, and villas. This place comes to life during the winters and is a place that gets its fair share of tourists from all corners of the world. Homes are decorated with tropical flowers; the marketplace is decorated with Christmas wreaths made of cypress branches and berries. The place is filled with festivities heading till Christmas eve and till new years with endless fiestas, street parties and that continue even after the new years. A perfect place to relax and chill this Christmas.

  2. Goa, India

    India is a land of many cultures and Goa is the land of parties and beaches. You will find yourself dancing to the DJ’s beat all night long with parties reaching their fever pitch here. Celebrations continue here until new year’s eve and get so busy during this time of the month. The places to visit here include Anjuna, Arambol, Palolem all of which are going to provide you with the most perfect sunsets and sunrise you could have ever wished for. A hippie’s paradise for sure. If you want to know more about such destinations, then don’t forget to visit the Savvy Expeditioner page. The site has a daily updated content of the latest travel destinations from around the globe.

  3. Quebec City, Canada

    Well, if you are the types who like to enjoy a quiet evening in the lap of nature enjoying hikes, snowshoeing and skiing then Quebec is the place to be this Christmas. The place is decorated and turned into a Christmas village right before the festival. One can also visit the native scenes here and enjoy the German Christmas market that lights up like a thousand stars right around Christmas.

  4. Strasbourg, France

    Nothing spells Christmas quite like a tour to Europe, especially France. Away from the glam of Paris, Strasbourg series of themed villages turn the small town into a beautiful wonderland. Christmas is the time for the yearly Strasbourg celebration where more than 300 stalls are spread out over 12 different locations where you can shop, dine and enjoy the red wine till your heart’s content. There also is the Christmas fair for the more hip tourists that consists of a street art trail and live music. Viva La France you ought to say.

  5. Queenstown, New Zealand

    The land of the Maori turns into a sparkling spectacle for Christmas. You can enjoy the pristine sandy beaches of Queenstown and enjoy all kinds of watersport activities right from river surfing to paragliding. Also, Queenstown is a foodie’s paradise where you can enjoy a multitude of delicacies ranging from Maori styled barbecues to sumptuous seafood.

So there you have the 5 best holiday destinations that you can enjoy with your family and friends this Christmas eve.


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