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If you’re still searching for the answer to your skin’s biggest nightmare, aka, acne, then I say, stop trying different brands and stick to the one that works. Proactiv Acne Treatment System is all you’ll ever need to treat acne and make way for clear skin.

Proactiv 30-Day Kit, Php 2495

Proactiv 60-Day Kit, Php 3,995

Here are 5 reasons why you should buy Proactiv:

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New Proactiv now available in the Philippines

At some point in our lives, we have experienced having acne, and it’s the worst! Getting rid of acne is another story because there’s a lot of trial and error with acne treatments that work for our skin. My acne horror story was when I got an allergy from a facial I availed in one of the facial centers in the mall. It’s really horrifying for me because I had clear skin since adolescent years and suddenly had acne at my early 20s. I tried various over-the-counter products and my last resort was to consult another dermatologist at an expensive clinic. She gave me a beauty kit along with regular facials and voila, clear skin again. But I have to shell out a significant amount of money before achieving results. Later on, I found out from an officemate who’s also having break outs that she’s using Proactiv to solve her skin problem. She’s very proud to say that Proactiv is very popular among Hollywood celebrities like Mandy Moore, Jessica Simpson, Avril Lavigne, etc…

New Proactiv

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