New Proactiv now available in the Philippines

At some point in our lives, we have experienced having acne, and it’s the worst! Getting rid of acne is another story because there’s a lot of trial and error with acne treatments that work for our skin. My acne horror story was when I got an allergy from a facial I availed in one of the facial centers in the mall. It’s really horrifying for me because I had clear skin since adolescent years and suddenly had acne at my early 20s. I tried various over-the-counter products and my last resort was to consult another dermatologist at an expensive clinic. She gave me a beauty kit along with regular facials and voila, clear skin again. But I have to shell out a significant amount of money before achieving results. Later on, I found out from an officemate who’s also having break outs that she’s using Proactiv to solve her skin problem. She’s very proud to say that Proactiv is very popular among Hollywood celebrities like Mandy Moore, Jessica Simpson, Avril Lavigne, etc…

New Proactiv

I took note of Proactiv and has been under my radar just in case I experience breakouts again. While browsing through Watsons, I just noticed that there’s a New Proactiv available at Watsons. The New Proactiv now contains advanced microcrystal benzoyl peroxide, which is designed to work faster and gentler.

New Proactiv with micro-crystal benzoyl peroxide

As a word of advice, invest on Proactiv for your skin problems because after all, it’s the No. 1 Anti-Acne system in America and now in the Philippines. Here’s one satisfied user of Proactiv:

The 30-day kit 3-step system is Php 2,495 which consists of 60 ml. Renewing Cleanser, 60 ml. Revitalizing Toner and 30 ml. Repairing Lotion with free 1 Refining Mask and Face the Fact booklet.

New Proactiv 30-day kit 3 step system

The 30-day kit 3-step system is Php 3,995 which consists of 120 ml. Renewing Cleanser, 120 ml. Revitalizing Toner and 60 ml. Repairing Lotion with free 1 Refining Mask and Face the Fact booklet.

New Proactiv 60-day kit 3 step system

New Proactiv is exclusively available at all Watsons stores and SM Department Stores nationwide. 30-day and 60-day kits come with a Money Back Guarantee. Please note that this refund is facilitated by the Customer Service hotline (02) 729-2222 (and not thru Watsons or SM branches).


  1. wow! i hope i can try this someday. i was able to use 4 or 5 sets of the “old” proactive. it was good while i was using it. may breakout pag wala, kkk.. padala lang kase ng uncles ko non. plus na-b-bleach ng benzoyl peroxide yung hairline ko… but all in all, i really like it. it’s also just the whole product line that worked for me. but if you’d ask me, i can live just with the refining mask..


  2. I guess the price is worth it, considering how much more it would cost to get professional treatment somewhere. That’s good news to us who dream of flawless skin.


  3. Though I haven’t actually tried it, I’ve come across rave reviews of this product so I guess it’s really effective.


  4. Like you, I never had a problem with acne during my teen years, but after I gave birth to my second child, my hormones went haywire and I got break outs! It only went away after taking contraceptives but the contraceptives affected my kidneys in a bad way so I can’t take them anymore, my skin is still clear because of the contraceptives but I’m saving enough money to get the 60 day kit, so just in case I break out again, I’ll have clear skin in no time and not harm my kidneys as well.. 😀


  5. I notice that this comment is from 2011,Is proactiv still in the market or in Watson,SM until now or this year 2012.Just asking I’ll go to Philippines for vacation want to be sure I don’t need to bring my proactiv kit coz I can get it there.Thank you.


    hbgeek Reply:

    Hi Mary,

    Yes, Proactiv is still available in the Philippines, particularly in Watsons.


  6. hi from the ph.
    i have a lot of acne marks,,..acne ,..oily ,,.
    is this proactive works against all my face problems ?>?>..


    hbgeek Reply:

    Yes, Proactiv is proven to get rid of acne. Just check the testimonials on their site.


  7. Hi may available po bang proactiv oil free moisture sa any branch of watson or sm dito sa manila?


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