Singapore’s EntrePass and Employment Pass

Planning to seek greener pastures and explore career opportunities in Singapore? Well, I also considered this option a few years back and tried sending applications online. I got some offers before but the salary is not enough to compensate the homesickness I will be experiencing once I’m there. I visited Singapore 4 years ago and I enjoyed my vacation, a clean and safe country to live in, no wonder most of my batchmates from Mapua are there to work. Jeff and I are still considering working in Singapore because of the encouragement we get from friends. They can help us look for a job in Singapore or refer us to their employers and once we’re hired, we are eligible for an Employment Pass. If we can’t get a job but we have money to start a business in Singapore, then we can apply for an EntrePass. Puzzled about the difference between the two, I made my own research for future reference in case we push through with our plans of relocating in Singapore.

Employment Pass, or EP Visa is the main type of work visa issued to foreign professionals. To qualify for an employment pass, a fixed salary should be more than S$ 2,500 per month. Aside from that, educational background must be on a tertiary level from a reputable university or must have a strong professional working experience to compensate for the not so impressive educational background. In some cases, a strong educational background is enough to get qualified for an EP visa irregardless of employment history. Our friends are optimistic that at least one of us gets qualified for a job and hopefully for an employment pass. I should not worry because an EP Pass holder can apply for a family visa or Dependent Pass for their spouse and children under 21 years of age. Aside from family visas, EP Pass holders are also eligible for a permanent residence in Singapore.

For business-minded individuals who plan to expand their business in other countries like Singapore, an EntrePass is issued. An EntrePass is another type of work visa for foreign entrepreneurs who wish to start a business and relocate in Singapore. Unlike with the Employment Pass, an educational background is not necessary but an entrepreneurial background is a must. As long as you have enough investment capital for your business, starting from S$ 20,000 to S$ 200,000 (Php 670,000 to Php 6.7M),  and a good business plan, you can apply for an EntrePass. EntrePass holders enjoy the same privileges and benefits of EP Pass holders like family visa and permanent residency applications.

For us to apply for an EntrePass is impossible though, but for an Employment Pass, we’ll see…


  1. badet, my ECE barkada stayed there as a tourist and got a job in 2 weeks. she invited her bf but since he wasnt a boardpasser yet, it took him almost a month to land a job. but still, he was hired. homesickness? ah, there are many airlines that offer affordable airfare rates. my friends goes back and forth anytime she misses her family…

    until now, i still consider relocating there too. it’s too stressful here in Korea i think. haha…
    .-= jehan´s last blog ..Model Fail, Make Up Fail or Too High Expectations? =-.


  2. i mean my friend goes back and forth….
    .-= jehan´s last blog ..Model Fail, Make Up Fail or Too High Expectations? =-.


  3. great info. very helpful especially sa mga gustong makipagsapalaran sa SIngapore


  4. we might visit singapore this year, if and only if my bf’s training will push thru…i want! 🙂
    .-= edelweiza´s last blog ..Is Distance Learning For Me? =-.


  5. Ay ang saya, go Edel!
    .-= Badet´s last blog ..Singapore’s EntrePass and Employment Pass =-.


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