Singapore’s EntrePass and Employment Pass

Planning to seek greener pastures and explore career opportunities in Singapore? Well, I also considered this option a few years back and tried sending applications online. I got some offers before but the salary is not enough to compensate the homesickness I will be experiencing once I’m there. I visited Singapore 4 years ago and I enjoyed my vacation, a clean and safe country to live in, no wonder most of my batchmates from Mapua are there to work. Jeff and I are still considering working in Singapore because of the encouragement we get from friends. They can help us look for a job in Singapore or refer us to their employers and once we’re hired, we are eligible for an Employment Pass. If we can’t get a job but we have money to start a business in Singapore, then we can apply for an EntrePass. Puzzled about the difference between the two, I made my own research for future reference in case we push through with our plans of relocating in Singapore.

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