Run United 2 2012, a success!

Jeff and some of my officemates ran for Run United 2 2012 earlier, it’s also Father’s Day so it’s a different way to start the day, Jeff said it’s full of good vibes! It’s been a while since I joined a race, and I must agree to what Jeff said. I felt sluggish and almost dragging myself to get up from bed to be at SM Mall of Asia by 4:30 am (assembly time for 10k runners), and it’s raining so it’s very conducive to just sleep. We went to SM MOA anyway, and found plenty of runners doing their stretches already. Jeff and our friends headed to their starting line while I took photos of the event. And oh, I was there to be Jeff’s human baggage counter, hehe, I don’t mind.

10k runners getting ready for gunstart

The race started on time, it followed the 5:30 am gunstart for 10k runners. I was following some twits and 21k runners also started theirs on time. While waiting for them, I wandered around the area to check out what’s new in the racing scene. A large parking space was converted into an Active Health Expo where the stage is also located.

Active Health Expo at Run United 2

SM Mall of Asia complex is huge, so it’s a good thing that Run United 2 maximized all the open spaces for all the facilities they can think of.

Separate baggage counters for 3k, 5k, 10k and 21k runners

They have set up separate booths of baggage counters depending on your race categories. Depositing and claiming your baggage is hassle free.

Separate claiming area of finisher shirts

Claiming of finisher shirts for the 21 km runners is also very efficient since the booths are segregated depending on the sizes of your shirts.

First aid/medics are readily available.

Plenty of signs/directions for the runners. Marshals, RunRio staff and security also abound in the area to guide the runners.

But what set Run United 2 apart from other races is because it pays attention to your whole family needs. I wrote that Run United 2 is for the whole family, remember? Well, they have an area dedicated for kids. While waiting for mommies and daddies reach their finish line, kids and yayas can enjoy activities at the play area brought to you by Ceelin and Enervon multivitamins.

Look, there’s a Parent’s Lounge and Active Health Day Care.

One of the least things I look forward to during a race is to use the portalets. I’d like to tell you what I smelled and saw in portalets in the past but it’s too gross! Surprisingly, Jeff told me that the portalets are clean and smelled like Albatross. Albatross smell is good compared to you-know-what, =). There are plenty of them so no need to line up should the need to pee arises, I also saw one or two portalets scattered along the race paths.

Amoy Albatross portalets in Run United 2

Food Pavilion is located inside the Active Health Expo. There’s also a Winner’s Holding Area and marshals are very alert to accompany and guide the runners.

Some fun pics before I end this post…

Cute dog ran for 10k

Tessa Prieto-Valdes wore a tutu, she ran in the 10km category.

Overall, Run United 2 is a success! It’s a very organized event by Unilab and RunRio. For Run United 2 race results, visit


  1. That dog seems more athletic than I am. I doubt I’ll be able to finish 10k :))


    Badet Reply:

    May 3k or 5 km naman. Or baka gusto mo yung 500 meter dash hehe..


  2. i hope next year meron pa. hoping to do this with my kid…


    Badet Reply:

    There will be one on September, Run United 3 naman.


  3. sa 3K andon naman family nila Carmina and Zoren.. magkaiba ang starting line ng 10k at 5K sa 3K at 21K kaya di tayo nagkita.


  4. Hopefully, we’ll be able to join this run next year. 😀


    Badet Reply:

    There will be Run United 3 on September, join tayo!


  5. expect tessa prieto to ever be her stylish self, even in a middle of a run!

    i really like to join this kind of activities, sis, i just hope the venue is not too far from me + that i do not need to leave the house in the wee hours of the morning just to be there 🙁


    Badet Reply:

    That’s the downside of running events, they really start very early. The good thing is, you’ll be finished din early, earlier if you run fast, hehe…



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