King Katsu for affordable katsu cravings

Have you noticed that Japanese restaurants and Japanese-inspired dishes are the trend these days? Aside from ramen, restaurants specializing in Katsu are beginning to thrive in the restaurant scene. One of the new players is King Katsu, I had the pleasure to be in a food tasting event at their SM Sky Garden branch. Trivia: King Katsu owners is not new to the restaurant business, they own Big Better Burgers too. 

King Katsu, SM Sky Garden branch

The place is well-lit, well thanks to lots of sunlight in the Sky Garden, and offers a very casual dining experience. A menu is placed on the tables as well as on one side of the wall.

King Katsu menu

For starters, we had miso soup, Php 28.

Miso Soup, Php 28

I like this because it has lots of miso, tofu and wakame in the broth. All the while, I thought the green stuff in the miso soup is nori, but I was told that it’s wakame, a type of seaweed.

While you wait for your katsu dishes to arrive, you can prep the sesame seeds.

crush and grind

For the tonkatsu dishes, they have pork, chicken and fish. We were served both Pork and Chicken Tonkatsu.

Pork Tonkatsu (Regular), Php 149

Chicken Tonkatsu, Php 152

I prefer the Pork Tonkatsu more than the Chicken Tonkatsu. The regular cut of the pork is more than enough for one person. The tonkatsu sauce is sweet and a nice addition to the crunch you’ll get from the tonkatsu. Mix the creamy sesame seed dressing to the angel hair cabbage and you’ll have an instant salad. A great way to clean your palate.

Pork Katsudon, Php 149

Chicken Katsudon, Php 152

Katsudon is a dish with katsu, shiitake mushrooms and egg simmered in soy-wine sauce. I like how the shiitake mushrooms add an interesting flavor to the dish. The sauce is on a sweet side, so order this if you like saucy sweet dishes.

Pork Katsu Curry, Php 152

Chicken Katsu Curry, Php 155

A katsu-inspired restaurant’s menu is not complete without the curry offerings. The curry sauce is rich and flavorful, but lacks the kick I get from the spiciness of the curry. I believe King Katsu tried to adjust their flavors to the Filipino’s taste. But for the curry sauce, I hope they can up the spiciness level or give options for spiciness levels like mild, regular and extra hot. If I were to classify their curry sauce, it’s mild or milder than mild :p. But this is because I’m used to eating spicy food.

King Katsu offers unlimited rice for all their rice meals. Very affordable, right?

Here’s some good news if you want to try King Katsu, they have a deal at It’s only Php 180 for Php 300-worth of food from King Katsu.

King Katsu deal at Beeconomic

King Katsu
SM Sky Garden
near Padi’s Point


  1. This is affordable ah! Thanks for sharing this restaurant.



  2. I just hope these Japanese restaurants find their way to San Pablo City, haha! 🙂


  3. katsu i love! and they are reasonably priced too! i wonder it they have on in davao too….


  4. I love tonkatsu! I wish I could try this out, but SM North is waaay too far for me since I’m in Makati.


  5. Haven’t visited King Katsu Resto yet mukhang masarap naman ang food.


  6. I’ve always loved Japanese food because my dad has been bringing their culture into our family since I was a kid (but he’s a Filipino!). Anyway, wow ha, it kind of reminds me of Yabu except their food is much cheaper! Try nga namin next time 🙂


  7. Haven’t visited this place. Pero mukhang masarap and affordable pa un food nila. 😉


  8. The place is nice, the food looks delicious, and most of all, it’s affordable. Gotta try King Katsu soon!


  9. I will give King Katsu a try the next time I’m in SM North.


  10. Japanese cuisine is something I enjoy + I particularly like their miso soup. I would most definitely enjoy dining out in this resto, hopefully I can get to try this with my boys soon!


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