I won’t make the money mistake my father made

Since last Sunday was Father’s Day, I just want to share what I learned from my father or from his mistake on how he handled his money. Papa was a seafarer, he was the main man in the engine department. With his position, a lot of our relatives and family friends thought that we have a lot of money. Sure, Papa and Nanay have acquired some properties in the province, jewelries, and have some money in the bank. But are these enough to support them throughout their retirement?

Unfortunately not. The interest in the bank is very small that when you factor in inflation, lugi ka pa. I can’t blame my father though because a lot of their investments were just simply offered to them by relatives and friends. They bought them out of goodwill and pakikisama not thinking of the market value in the future.

Philam funds

Upon witnessing what happened to my Papa’s hard-earned money, I vowed to myself not to make the same mistakes on how to invest and handle money. Sharing here some things I learned that I hope will yield better investments for me and my family in the future.

  1. Do not put all your money in the bank.

Most banks offer a measly 0.25% per annum, while the inflation rate for May 2017 is 2.9%. Imagine that, your money is sleeping in the bank. It’s okay to put some money or your emergency funds in the bank but look for other avenues to grow your money such as mutual funds.

  1. Do your research before investing or starting a business.

Put your money in the business that you understand. Do not start a business or buy stocks just because you have friends that asked you to. You can be duped into multi-level marketing (MLM) and lose your money because of this.

  1. Do not believe in get-rich-quick schemes.

I mentioned MLM above, and this is one example of get-rich-quick schemes. If the offer is good to be true, then it’s not real. Growing your money takes a lot of time and patience. In the stock market, you will either lose or earn money overnight, but when we’re talking about stocks, you…

  1. Ask help from fund managers.

If you have no time to study the intricacies of the stock market but want to start investing now, ask help from reputable institutions to handle your investment. One of which is Philam Asset Management Inc. or PAMI, they’ve been around for 45 years of providing financial security to Filipino families.

PAMI Summer Shop or Go

PAMI also has on-going promos from time to time like Summer Shop or Go which runs until June 30, 2017. This adds more value and savings to your investment.


  1. My mom nor my grandma didn’t have any investments while they were working so my grandma only relies on her SSS pension for her expenses. I’m actually starting to look at my options for when I (hopefully) start working on my 1st job after graduation. I’ve had jobs in the past but most of my earning went to daily expenses and groceries. I have to consult my partner about it first though 🙂


  2. Since college I have interest in knowing about the stock market however i do not have that drive. Maybe i will consider it again to put my money on good investment


  3. I agree! Right now, I am learning how stocks and bonds work- much better than just keeping your money in the banks


    Badet Siazon Reply:

    Good for you. I wish I can start learning about stocks too.


  4. I agree with what all you’ve said. We also have that “Pakikisama” culture in our family of families. I’m not going to partake with that and inherit their shady culture neither. Naglolokohan lang kasi sila. But It’s hard to say no when the one asking you is your relative. “Pag tinanggihan mo, ikaw pa lalabas na masama.”


    Badet Siazon Reply:

    Ganun na nga, or sasabihan kang madamot, mayabang, etc.


  5. Wanderer Juan says

    These are good insights that many should implement, especially when it comes to handling and investing money.


  6. With banks interest rate so minimal, I guess this is the best time to explore investment opportunities and business. It’s also important to be cautious and get advice from fund managers.


  7. It’s good you these things in mind and I believe you are going to put them into practice. A good if not better financial management would prove to be having a promising return of investment.



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