The Best Historic Tours in Virginia

Taking paid tours is a great way to get to know any area: and the best way to learn about Virginia.  This old and gorgeous state has tons of secrets stored in every city and offers the chance for visitors to feel like locals as they explore.

These are the best historical tours in Virginia and why this state is a dream for any traveler.

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Why Virginia?

If you’re not sold on Virginia yet, don’t worry: this state is incredible.  From its long and incredible history to the gorgeous nature and amazing architecture in its cities, there’s so much to see and do here.  This is one of the states that helped form America into the country it is today and has enough to see and do in every city that you could never get bored.

Beyond all of that, if you’re not staying in DC proper, you can often find affordable lodging and food almost anywhere in the state.  This means if you’re road tripping on a budget, you can ensure to still see as much as you want to! 

Grand Sightseeing Tour of Washington DC: $59

Whether you want the day or night tour, this three to four-hour bus tour drives you through the city and saves you the pain of having to drive around a new area while also sightseeing.  Offering friendly and fun tour guides that will introduce you to every landmark, this is a tour you’ll love.

Hollywood Cemetery Segway Tour in Richmond: $76

If you want an incredibly interesting tour, it’s time to head out to Richmond!  The Hollywood Cemetery is one of the largest and oldest cemeteries in the country, with large gorgeous gravestones, including those of past presidents.  This segway tour ensures that you can make the tour and walk around the premises quickly, getting a full view of the beautiful James River, and of Richmond itself, without wearing your feet out.  You’ll fall in love with this interesting city!  Don’t be surprised if you start hunting for houses for rent in Richmond before the day is out!

DC Highlights Tour: $59

The most popular private tour in DC, this excursion takes tourists on a private tour of the city while helping you get to learn about landmarks and the people who helped form this country.  This is a fun and exciting experience for anyone who’s new to the area.

How to Pack for Virginia Tours

If you’re heading to Virginia in the late summer, it’s a good idea to pack for warm weather, but bring a coat to layer on just in case.  Mornings can get cool, so it’s always nice to have an extra layer to throw on if you need it.  It’s also generally a good idea to pack sunscreen to protect your skin and a water bottle you can refill throughout the day, so you don’t break the bank on one-use waters.

Virginia is an Incredible State to Explore!

Whether this is your first big road trip, or you’re just trying to get to know Virginia better, consider taking some of these tours!  Not only are they fun, but you’ll learn so much you didn’t know about this incredible state.

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