G-lish Duo Foundation – a review

I’m a low-maintenance gal, I just use baby powder on my face and I’m fine. But whenever I’m on a rush in the morning for work, I don’t have time to allow my sunblock to set and to dry for additional minutes that’s why I apply baby powder after. This causes some powder to clump in some areas, unsightly and very childish. So I decided to buy a powder foundation I can use this summer. I previously used Neutrogena powder foundation but I want to try other more affordable brands.

G-lish has stalls in malls and their very pretty and girly kiosks made me check out their products. They have Duo Foundation in a very sleek all-white compact, reminds me of VMV packaging. It’s also very slim, perfect to slip in a girl’s small bag. The sales attendant said that when it’s time to buy the refill, they will replace the whole compact with a new one, just bring the old compact too. Pretty neat especially that the compact is white and it will really get dirty over time.

I got the Duo Foundation in Shade #10 for Php 300. The G-lish Duo Foundation claims to have SPF and oil control.

G-lish Duo Foundation in Shade #10

G-lish Duo Foundation

G-lish Duo Foundation opened

I like the wide mirror that maximizes the inside of the compact. The soft sponge has a separate compartment but it is thin though. I forgot to ask if the new compact when I’ll buy a refill comes with a new sponge as well. The shade matches my skin tone well.

Sadly, the powder foundation is a major fail in oil control. After a few hours, my T-zone gets oily. After a week of using it, I got few bumps on my chin area, I rarely get zits and if I do, just one or two pimples only. I stopped using this because I know this is the culprit, this is the only new addition on my regimen.

I will not buy this again. If you want to have and try this, I can give it to you, just leave me a message of your intent. It might work for you. I only used this for a week, just buy a new sponge for this.


  1. I was actually thinking of buying this yesterday but my skin is kind of sensitive so I decided not to buy it anymore. Really? It’s oil control is fail? 😐 Aww, too bad. But I dunno, I still wanna try it, I guess. 😀


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