Detox with Blk 513 Activated Charcoal Frozen Yogurt

I’m not an ice cream person but give me frozen yogurt anytime and I’d be a happy camper. The latter is healthier too that’s why I find it as a guilt-free treat. Speaking of a healthier treat, did you know that you can detoxify by having Blk 513’s Activated Charcoal Frozen Yogurt?

Blk 513 Dark Skim Cup

My Dark Skim Cup with Strawberry and Kiwi topped with Salted Chocolate Gravy

Blk 513 is the first in the Philippines to make frozen yogurt with activated charcoal. I’ve known that some toothpastes, soaps, and facial washes use Activated Charcoal as one of their ingredients but charcoal as an edible ingredient is something new to me. The novelty of Blk 513’s frozen yogurt must be the reason why people are lining up in their SM Megamall branch.

blk 513 sm megamall

And maybe they truly believe on the health benefits of #DarkSkimFrozenYogurt posted on the wall…

blk 513 activated charcoal frozen yogurt

As for me, I just follow where the crowd goes. Let’s just put it this way, if there’s a line, it must be tried. I decided to have the Dark Skim Cup. For Php 185, I can have 1 crunch, 2 fruits, and 1 sauce. I chose Oreo for the crunch, Kiwi and Strawberry, and topped with Salted Chocolate Gravy.

blk 513 sm megamall

Choose from Blk 513’s delectable sauces

blk 513 dark skim cup

The grayish/bluish color of the yogurt looks unappetizing but thanks to the toppings and sauces, I now have an Instagram-worthy froyo. Blk 513 has the tangiest yogurt I’ve tried but the sweetness of the Salted Chocolate Gravy toned it down. For the kids, I suggest choosing a sweet crunch, fruits, and sauces so that they’ll enjoy.

Gwen gave a thumbs up for our Dark Skim Cup combination.

blk 513 frozen yogurt

Blk 513 is located at the 2nd flr. of SM Megamall Bldg. A beside Payless. They will have soon-to-open branches at SM North Edsa and SM Mall of Asia.


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