Honey Creme in Trinoma

Honey Creme originated from Taiwan and uses Korean ingredients from the milk to the toppings used. Their giant swing in front of their store in Trinoma caught Gwen’s attention and immediately asked for an ice cream.

I told you I’m not an ice cream person but I can’t say no this little girl who immediately ran to the swing before I can think of a reply.

honey creme trinoma


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honey creme trinoma

Gwen loves vanilla ice cream and it’s no surprise that she only chose the plain/original one at first. But I asked her to try it with the toppings because that’s what makes it unique….. and “instagrammable” :p

So she chose the Organic Cotton Candy…. lol, so much for me wanting an IG-worthy Php 165 soft serve ice cream, it’s all white….

honey creme organic cotton candy

The cotton candy is not that sweet and instantly melts in your mouth. I ate half of the cotton candy so that we can scoop out the ice cream before it melts.

honey creme trinoma

sulitin ang Php 165, another shot :p

Honey Creme is perfect for milk-loving ice cream folks because of its milky taste. It’s not sweet either so you’re having a milky and creamy treat. The milky taste doesn’t sit well on me or maybe I have to try it again with other toppings like the Affogato.

Any recommended flavors/toppings in Honey Creme? Let me know in the comments section.

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