Giulia by Casa Italia: Home-cooked food to a whole new level

Home-cooked food brings comfort to everyone. No matter how many international cuisines you’ve tried, you’ll still long for that familiar taste, the taste of home. At Giulia, they bring home-cooked food to a whole new level.

Giulia by casa italia

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Detox with Blk 513 Activated Charcoal Frozen Yogurt

I’m not an ice cream person but give me frozen yogurt anytime and I’d be a happy camper. The latter is healthier too that’s why I find it as a guilt-free treat. Speaking of a healthier treat, did you know that you can detoxify by having Blk 513’s Activated Charcoal Frozen Yogurt?

Blk 513 Dark Skim Cup

My Dark Skim Cup with Strawberry and Kiwi topped with Salted Chocolate Gravy

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