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Detox with Blk 513 Activated Charcoal Frozen Yogurt

I’m not an ice cream person but give me frozen yogurt anytime and I’d be a happy camper. The latter is healthier too that’s why I find it as a guilt-free treat. Speaking of a healthier treat, did you know that you can detoxify by having Blk 513’s Activated Charcoal Frozen Yogurt?

Blk 513 Dark Skim Cup

My Dark Skim Cup with Strawberry and Kiwi topped with Salted Chocolate Gravy

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Golden Spoon: The creme dela creme of frozen yogurts

After tasting White Hat, Red Mango and Yoh-gurt Froz, I thought I tasted all varieties of what frozen yogurts can taste, tart, sweet, creamy, sour, tangy, etc… No matter what the taste is, I can easily tell even on closed eyes that I’m eating frozen yogurt, it’s just different from ice cream.

And then comes Golden Spoon, I just got curious about it because I saw that they have peanut butter flavored yogurt, and this peanut butter lover couldn’t resist…

Golden Spoon Peanut Butter frozen yogurt

I need to have a double take because something this good can’t be frozen yogurt, it tasted like real ice cream! But yeah, it says frozen yogurt, and it’s too good to be true. It may not come cheap for Php 155 a cup but you get what you pay for, frozen yogurt from heaven. This paragraph is so full of superlatives, just grab yourselves a cup okay?

Another frozen yogurt place: Red Mango, Trinoma

Remember the very first time I tried frozen yogurt at White Hat? After that, I became a frozen yogurt lover. As much as I wanted to try Lulubelle’s, it’s too far from where I live and work so I just settled with White Hat. But as frozen yogurt becomes more popular, Red Mango enters the scene. Red Mango is popular in the United States and I’m sure it will also be a hit in the Philippines.

Red Mango signage
Red Mango opened its branch at the 3rd Level of Trinoma, in front of Toys R Us and Fitness First. Of course, this frozen yogurt lover can’t wait to try it and so we went. I was surprised to see that they have Green Tea flavored yogurt, but they also have the original one. They also have Yogurt Smoothies, organic coffee and tea and waffles.
treat yourself well… yogurt is good for you!

I had a 6 oz. Green Tea yogurt, for the toppings, the lady in the counter suggested that grapes and crushed Grahams goes well with Green Tea yogurt. Jeff ordered Kiwi Yogurt Smoothie. A 6 oz. green tea yogurt is Php 120, the original flavor is Php 115. Just add Php 20 for 1 toppings, Php 30 for 2 toppings and Php 40 for 3 toppings. Yogurt smoothies are Php 125.
6 oz. Green Tea frozen yogurt with grapes and crushed Grahams

Kiwi Yogurt Smoothie

Red Mango’s yogurt is creamy, I can’t taste the tartness that I expected for a yogurt. The combination of crushed Grahams and grapes was a hit for me. The Yogurt Smoothie is more delicious when you mix the dollop of yogurt on top. In comparison, White Hat offers more variety for toppings while Red Mango is limited to fruits and cereals. For the taste, I think both of them are a winner! Try them for yourselves.

My first taste of frozen yogurt at The White Hat

frozen yogurt mango, pineapple and dark choco bits toppings

Frozen yogurt is so popular nowadays and is considered as the “it” dessert. I guess I’m joining the frozen-yogurt-for-dessert bandwagon too. While looking for some place to rest our feet from serious walking at the Mall of Asia, I spotted The White Hat and immediately asked Jeff and Nanay if they’re game for dessert so as to rest, too. The White Hat serves authentic Italian frozen yogurt and has branches at the Mall of Asia and Robinson’s Place Manila. The store’s oh-so-cutesy interior is as delightful as the vast array of toppings to choose from to go with your frozen yogurt. They have everything from nuts, fruits, chocolates, syrups and even sesame mochi. We ordered pineapple toppings for Nanay, mango toppings for Jeff and dark choco bits for me.

the white hatfrozen yogurt is a guilt-free dessert

The first bite is heavenly, it’s not as sour as your usual yogurt and you’ll enjoy its creaminess. It’s as if you’re eating a vanilla ice cream, only BETTER! Why better? it’s 98% fat-free! And I do not need to elaborate the benefits of yogurt to our body, they’re just good! One regular cup (4 oz.) of frozen yogurt is Php 85 and large cup (6 oz.) is Php 115. An additional Php 20 for every toppings you put in your frozen yogurt. Pretty decent price considering that you’re eating healthy and delicious. If you’re saving up, you can eat them without toppings and they’re just as good too.

The White Hat – Italian Frozen Yogurt –
SM Mall of Asia – 2/F Entertainment Mall (across Nike Store)
Robinson’s Place Manila – 4/F Midtown Wing

Honey Creme in Trinoma

Honey Creme originated from Taiwan and uses Korean ingredients from the milk to the toppings used. Their giant swing in front of their store in Trinoma caught Gwen’s attention and immediately asked for an ice cream.

I told you I’m not an ice cream person but I can’t say no this little girl who immediately ran to the swing before I can think of a reply.

honey creme trinoma

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Nourishing skin care for moms and kids from Johnson’s Baby

Being a mommy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is truly a demanding yet fulfilling and rewarding role. There are difficult days for sure but the joys of motherhood surmount it all. Aside from having a mommy role, you have to fill in the wifely duties too. Oh, and a career woman too if you’re like me. You divide your time to your kid/s, to your husband, and to your career, do you still have time for yourself?

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