Convert iPod Touch to iPhone using the Peel 520

Ipods have come a long way since the release of iPod shuffle. I still remember saving up for my first iPod Shuffle and then my iPod Video. I stopped looking for higher models because Apple is releasing newer ones almost every month. The only Apple gadget I’m lusting for right now is the iPhone 4. But the hefty price tells me to wait until it goes down to 30-thousand-ish price, and then maybe I’ll consider buying it.

But I discovered something that can turn the iPod Touch into an iPhone, it’s the Peel 520.

Peel 520

The Peel 520 allows your iPod Touch to make phone calls and send/receive text messages like an Iphone. Combining the prices of iPod Touch and the Peel 520 which sells for Php 6,000, the seller promises a savings of almost 50% than buying an iPhone 4.

From the photo above, Peel 520 is the one in the center that also acts as the iPod case and houses the sim card. Ipod touch must also be jailbroken before using the Peel 520. Just search for YouTube videos about the Peel 520 to learn more. Here in the Philippines, Gadget Hunter is the authorized dealer of Peel 520.


  1. Very nice. I am seriously considering this. Does it work with any generation iPod Touch?



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