SlogBite: see the best before the rest

Want to increase your site’s exposure and drive more traffic to your site? Then, SlogBite is for you. It will be officialy launched on March 1, 2009 and it will be fun to be part of the first members of SlogBite. Why the name Slogbite? Here’s why:

I have a real problem with sites that try to dictate what is a blog and what isn’t a blog. The lines between site and blogs have gotten more and more blurry as of late. As a blogger myself I like to expand the horizons of what is possible and I don’t want to be constrained. I feel that most bloggers are the same way. Getting back to the name; you take the first letter of “Blog” and the first letter of “Site” transpose them and then combine the two words and you come up with “SlogBite.” To me a SlogBite is a web presence.

Joining is easy, just fill out an entry form, choose if you want to belong in the “A”list or “B” list. I’m an A-lister so I have to install a SlogBite widget on my sidebar, for the B-listers, a SlogBite badge just like I used above should be installed. See my SlogBite widget just below my chatbox on the sidebar, isn’t it pretty? Well, widgets and badges are colorful and users can choose one that’s appropriate for their sites. What’s even nice with SlogBite is that you can list your blog or sites in two or more categories as long as the category is fit to your blog. Just follow the instructions on how to add your sites into specific categories. The site has a number of categories and a regional blog listing too, you can also request for a specific category if the list is not enough.

Technical support is fast, Mel Kaye answered my email just few seconds after sending it. I hope they can improve the site’s interface though, especially the Tag Cloud because it takes so much space in the page. Overall, the site looks promising on helping sites/blogs to socialize, drive traffic and maximize exposure.

See yah at SlogBite! And oh, please don’t forget to put me on your Referring Site URL:

What happened to Google?

As I was doing my routine Internet surfing hours ago, I got alarmed when all of my searches in Google showed the warning: “This site may harm your computer”, in Filipino (“Ang site na ito ay maaaring makasama sa computer mo”). Duh? I checked some of the sites and these are the usual sites I visit but only just now it showed a malware warning. I used Yahoo on my searches and none of the search results showed “This site may harm your computer” warning.

At first, I thought it’s my computer having a virus but it’s a glitch on Google’s part. Apparently, problems occurred on their malware filters, being down. Good thing Google is up again! Back to regular surfing!

My first Sony experience is with my Sony Walkman

Every household has a Sony product inside their homes. Thus, everybody has their own share of first experiences with their Sony products. Let me share with you my stories with my Sony gadgets, errrr, the title should have been “My first Sony experiences are with my walkman, TV, etc…

My experience with my Sony Walkman:

My first Sony Walkman

My father whom I call Papa is a seaman, he would be out of the country for 1 or 2 years braving the seas just to give us a better education and a decent comfortable life. Like any other OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers), my father as a seaman experiences homesickness. At that time, cellular phones and texting were not yet invented and real-time communication was far from reality. The only way to battle loneliness in the middle of the ocean is to listen to voice tapes sent by us through snail mail and sound trippin’ with his casette tapes by Porkchop Duo, Yoyoy Villame and other Filipino novelty artists… (Papa will kill me for telling the whole world what he listens to back then, hahaha)

my treasured cassette tapes

When Papa arrives home, I would then be so excited to open up his luggages for pasalubongs. While everyone is busy with their balikbayan loots, I am also occupied with tinkering the numbers of Papa’s suitcase because in there, I would find his Sony Walkman. However simple as it may seem, I am happy that I can bring the Sony Walkman to school so that by lunch time, I can listen to the countdown from LS FM (97.1). Around 2 or 3 o’clock in the afternoon, I would then listen to some love songs together with my classmates. When I was in 2nd year high school when alternative bands are all the rage, if my walkman could scream at me to stop using it just for one day, it will. Oh by the way, when Papa left again for another contract, he left the Sony Walkman with me!!! From then on, it became my constant companion throughout my remaining high school days and went on till my college days. My Sony Walkman even witnessed my transformation for the music I’ve listened to. From metal, rock, alternative music for perk-me-up days, to classical music when I’m reviewing, to new wave music for feel-good days and to love songs for in-love moments, the Sony Walkman has heard a lot. It was updated with the popular bands and the popular music genre back then. And if the Sony Walkman has a built-in memory in it, it would have saved in its memory all the Eraserheads songs back then, yup, a die-hard Eraserheads fan here, and so is my Sony Walkman.

My first experience with my Sony Colored TV:

Sony Colored TV

I don’t know about you but I experienced watching in a Black and White television back then. Albeit most of our neighbors were boasting of their colored TVs, our living room still has the good ol’ Black and White TV. I will be very embarassed everytime my friends from school will visit our house, they will look surprised that we still have a Black and White TV. My parents have this trait of still keeping an appliance until they are truly broken and cannot be repaired by the neighborhood repairman. Good thing one of our neighbors pawned their Sony Colored TV to us when they needed money, we got to experience what it feels like to watch on a colored TV. Another hurray because our neighbor didn’t come back to get the Sony Colored TV so we get to keep it, a blessing in disguise indeed. From then on, my brother and I bled our eyes out from watching cartoons every day, we never knew that cartoons looks great when watched in a colored TV! Until now, when I got married, we still use the Sony Colored TV in our bedroom. We just bought a converter for us to watch cable channels. Our living room now has a 25″ Sony Wega. We plan to have a Sony Bravia if budget permits or if Sony hand us one, hehe…

My first experience with my Sony PSP (Playstation Portable):

newest gadget: Sony PSP

I never had a Sony Playstation. The last game console I had was a Game Boy where I played Super Mario. My husband, Jeff, knew that I’m fond of playing games in the computer especially The Sims that’s why he suggested to buy a Sony PSP as our first gadget as a married couple. So technically and legally, it was our first conjugal gadget, if there’s such a thing! Both game addicts, we even set our weekly schedules on who will play on that day and how long is the playing time. A year later, the Sony PSP is still our companion when boredom strikes. During the lull hours in the office, my officemates and I will play Bomberman, or when Wi-Fi is available, I sometimes use it to check on my emails and online shop. Jeff also uses this for storing his music and photos.

my life with Sony

Sony has the right products for the young and old alike. My Sony gadgets definitely gave significance in my life just like the Sony’s World’s First Slimmest Camera with Optical Image Stabilizer, the Cyber-Shot T77, which became a girl’s bestfriend because it can be brought anywhere without making a girl’s bag too heavy and bulky.

Thinking of having my own web domain…

I’ve been in-and-out of the blogging world for the last 5 years. I started my blog in Xanga (I even have 2 accounts), then came Friendster’s own blog, and then this blog. Back then, my blogs were more of personal stuff and I used them as my online journal. I’m not familiar with monetizing a blog at that time. But I suddenly lost my enthusiasm to write and became conscious of divulging more personal things in the Internet that’s why I stopped. Later on, with much love to the Internet, I re-embraced blogging but on a more focused, interesting direction. There came this Everything Nice! blog, from the name itself, I basically write anything that catches my fancy especially on food, travel and shopping. Oh, and not to mention the extra moolah that blogging can give…

Unlike the first blogs that I started, I wanted to keep this blog for good. I want to inform and share to everyone a little something from my daily experiences. The Internet is teeming with information and also teeming with readers eager to read just about anything, from fashion, food, technology, humor, etc… To be able to have my own nook in this World Wide Web, I’m thinking of having my own domain. But I’m still weighing my options if I will really get serious in blogging. Aside from that, I’m a newbie when it comes to web hosting and where to acquire one. Is there a shop for this? Hahaha, honestly, I’m clueless!

I stumbled on Web Hosting Geeks, a site that features reviews on different Web hosting providers. I browsed through their Top 10 Web Hosting, Best Budget Hosting, Best Blog Hosting, etc.. The bottom part of the homepage has some articles about all there is to know about web hosting. Looks like I need to do some reading now. I found out that there are many things to consider in buying a domain. Host reliability, storage, technical support and the PRICE are among other things that need to be considered before selecting a provider. Good thing there’s Web Hosting Geek, I can compare Web hosting providers rate by their best price-value ratio.

Kawaii finds – Chocolate Mirror and Jelly/Conversion Lens for your camera phones

What better way to start the week with some online “window” shopping, right? And look, this is one of the cutest thing I’ve found, a Meiji Chocolate Mirror. It looks so good enough to eat, it’s the same size as the real Meiji Chocolate Bar and also comes in the same packaging as the real chocolate.

a chocolate mirror that looks good enough to eat
chocolate mirror with the real chocolate bar

Great gift for chocoholics like me. Retail price is $ 6.78 at but it’s currently sold out.

Kenko Funny Conversion Lens

And yet another accessory for your camera phones is here, the Kenko Funny Conversion Lens gives your photos a twist. Different effects can be produced such as wide-angle, soft focus, 6-image, and other effects. Just attach these lenses using the adhesive. retails these for $ 9.68.

Jelly Lens from In the Pink

Shoppers in the Philippines must be lucky because my friend Jing Samonte of In the Pink is selling these lenses. She calls them Jelly Lens, even celebrity Jolina Magdangal bought her bestseller Jelly Lens. It’s even affordable at Php 500. Visit her site here.

Spanking new LCD: my raves on Samsung SyncMaster T220

Browsing the web and watching movies in our PC has never been this fun. After weeks of hardwork from our full-time day job and a little extra from earning online, Jeff and I decided to pimp our gizmos. We upgraded to a faster PC and faster Internet connection (thanks to PLDT myDSL!) two weeks ago but still used our jurassic CRT monitor then. After a while, we decided to switch to LCD because our old monitor is screaming to retire already. What’s great is that SM North Edsa had their 3-day sale, oh how I love payday SALES! Off we went to Silicon Valley, the particular Samsung LCD model we wanted to buy is unavailable and the only 22″ model available is the new arrival, Samsung SyncMaster T220. How lovely, a blessing in disguise indeed because we thought it wasn’t slated for release yet here in the Philippines. The Samsung T220 is a Php 15,700 beauty that is too beautiful to pass up. Although it’s a little over our budget, we bought it since we saved up for it nonetheless.

The box

closer look

the white speakers need to be replaced now

Appearance-wise, it has a very sleek look, I like the touch-sensitive power button and all the menu adjustment buttons hidden at the right edge. The frame has a hint of red color along the edges which complements the piano-black finish. Contrast ratio is 20,000:1. I don’t have to delve into technicals now, all I wanted to say is I love this LCD!

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