Thinking of having my own web domain…

I’ve been in-and-out of the blogging world for the last 5 years. I started my blog in Xanga (I even have 2 accounts), then came Friendster’s own blog, and then this blog. Back then, my blogs were more of personal stuff and I used them as my online journal. I’m not familiar with monetizing a blog at that time. But I suddenly lost my enthusiasm to write and became conscious of divulging more personal things in the Internet that’s why I stopped. Later on, with much love to the Internet, I re-embraced blogging but on a more focused, interesting direction. There came this Everything Nice! blog, from the name itself, I basically write anything that catches my fancy especially on food, travel and shopping. Oh, and not to mention the extra moolah that blogging can give…

Unlike the first blogs that I started, I wanted to keep this blog for good. I want to inform and share to everyone a little something from my daily experiences. The Internet is teeming with information and also teeming with readers eager to read just about anything, from fashion, food, technology, humor, etc… To be able to have my own nook in this World Wide Web, I’m thinking of having my own domain. But I’m still weighing my options if I will really get serious in blogging. Aside from that, I’m a newbie when it comes to web hosting and where to acquire one. Is there a shop for this? Hahaha, honestly, I’m clueless!

I stumbled on Web Hosting Geeks, a site that features reviews on different Web hosting providers. I browsed through their Top 10 Web Hosting, Best Budget Hosting, Best Blog Hosting, etc.. The bottom part of the homepage has some articles about all there is to know about web hosting. Looks like I need to do some reading now. I found out that there are many things to consider in buying a domain. Host reliability, storage, technical support and the PRICE are among other things that need to be considered before selecting a provider. Good thing there’s Web Hosting Geek, I can compare Web hosting providers rate by their best price-value ratio.


  1. Having your own domain is a very good step, someone advised me back then when i planned to start a blog, that even if i am just a "beginner" or a newcomer on self-hosting blogs, i should start as if matagal na ako nagbblog, so having a domain name was a must for me, they told me na having a hosted blog on or blogger can hurt me in the long run kapag nag decide ako ng sariling domain. so I did what i had to do rin, and its good to know na somehow successful naman..

    uhm, you may want to read my post about choosing a domain name

    and kung ppili ka ng webhost, why not try and support yung pinoy mismo ang nagpapatakbo right? mas madali makipagusap right? kasi pareho kau pinoy eh.. actually ako rin nung nagstart ganyan, and in the end sa pinoy webhost ako nag subscribe, but i chose the most affordable since i am just starting yet.. if you dont mind its located in my post here >

    hope those things can help you!!

    have a nice day!


  2. earthlingorgeous says

    Ako rin eh I am thinking of getting my own domain kaso natatakot ako baka mahirap. You know baka may mawala, mahirap magmodify, edit etc.

    Pero mukhang experienced na si LJ lets take it from her.

    Andun ka pala sa Nuffnang event? Sino ka dun sa mga photos?

    By the way, I am celebrating my blog 1 year anniversary and I would like to invite you to join my giveaway. Details here. Sali ka ha? 🙂 See yah!


  3. try i think they sell domains. 😀 but i don’t think it’s free..


  4. bravenet?? sell domains?? well of course its not free that is why they are selling it… but why buy a domain if you can create your own diba?? its much more worth since sau talaga ung domain and hindi sa iba nanggaling..

    @earthlinggorgeous>>"him" po ako and hindi "her" hehehe… kung ako ung tinatanong mo about sa nuffnang premiere, well actually magkarow tayo, 3 tao lang ang pagitan natin nun, kasi naalala kita kasi nanalo ka eh hehe, nung kinuha mo ung prize mo dumaan ka sa harap ko, nag excuse ka pa nga eh hehehe


  5. hi badet, my contractor is lineworks. office is located at shaw boulevard. one of the owners is robert de jesus and his cel no. is 09175518368. tell him i referred you. he knows me as rhonna. =)


  6. get your own domain and you’ll monetize even more! 🙂

    I clicked on the link for hosting geeks and hehe as soon as the page loaded I remembered it. My sister and I were also in that same dilemma when we were looking for hosting. Learning all the things that we needed to know ( well im still learning stuff) and that’s the same site where we found our current host company. GLOBAT. you should try them. they’re the cheapest compared to all and what’s good is they’re reliable and with good 24/7 customer service. (oh, if you choose them, write me up as your referrer..? *wink*)


  7. Don’t worry it wont be that complicated as what you think it is. That was how i thought before when I was starting out. Good thing is that when you would have problems or if you are getting confused you can ask the admin of the domain registrar where you bought your domain name.

    But remember that it depends on every domain registrars out there. On I get full support, if I want to get an answer they are just a text away, or if you have a long concern, you can email them and they will answer your queries the next day or even the same day.

    I dont know though to other domain registrars out there. Plus you can also ask for help from other bloggers if you are really getting confused.

    Hope that helps!


  8. hello dearie! thanks for dropping by my blahgs. it was very thoughtful of you. muah!!

    anyway, if you are planning to buy a domain for this blog. please consider buying from Pinoy Domain Store. I can help you link your domain name to this blog. ^_^



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