What happened to Google?

As I was doing my routine Internet surfing hours ago, I got alarmed when all of my searches in Google showed the warning: “This site may harm your computer”, in Filipino (“Ang site na ito ay maaaring makasama sa computer mo”). Duh? I checked some of the sites and these are the usual sites I visit but only just now it showed a malware warning. I used Yahoo on my searches and none of the search results showed “This site may harm your computer” warning.

At first, I thought it’s my computer having a virus but it’s a glitch on Google’s part. Apparently, problems occurred on their malware filters, Stopbadware.org being down. Good thing Google is up again! Back to regular surfing!


  1. I am Harriet says

    Sometimes weird stuff happens with Google. I think it happens because of wanna-be hackers.


  2. oh really? haven;t experienced this before..



  3. I am Harriet says

    Hi Badet.
    I’m passing on the Life is Grand Award to you.


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  5. ♥ nadine.owseben says

    i wasn’t able to see that, but am glad google’s fine now^^ i thought google didn’t have any glitch ever. wow 0_o



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