Spanking new LCD: my raves on Samsung SyncMaster T220

Browsing the web and watching movies in our PC has never been this fun. After weeks of hardwork from our full-time day job and a little extra from earning online, Jeff and I decided to pimp our gizmos. We upgraded to a faster PC and faster Internet connection (thanks to PLDT myDSL!) two weeks ago but still used our jurassic CRT monitor then. After a while, we decided to switch to LCD because our old monitor is screaming to retire already. What’s great is that SM North Edsa had their 3-day sale, oh how I love payday SALES! Off we went to Silicon Valley, the particular Samsung LCD model we wanted to buy is unavailable and the only 22″ model available is the new arrival, Samsung SyncMaster T220. How lovely, a blessing in disguise indeed because we thought it wasn’t slated for release yet here in the Philippines. The Samsung T220 is a Php 15,700 beauty that is too beautiful to pass up. Although it’s a little over our budget, we bought it since we saved up for it nonetheless.

The box

closer look

the white speakers need to be replaced now

Appearance-wise, it has a very sleek look, I like the touch-sensitive power button and all the menu adjustment buttons hidden at the right edge. The frame has a hint of red color along the edges which complements the piano-black finish. Contrast ratio is 20,000:1. I don’t have to delve into technicals now, all I wanted to say is I love this LCD!


  1. very nice talaga sya..
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  2. wandering elephant says

    uy wow, ganda nyan! congrats! =)


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  4. Pretty Life Online says

    Interesting one… Just passing by and reading your updates… Please help me! I was nominated for Pinoyworld blog of the week. Hope you can vote me at


  5. wow, inggit! it does look like a nice screen to watch movies on 😉


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