Scouting for good investment rates

For the past month, I’ve been checking out online websites of different banks to compare which bank gives the highest interest rates. When I was still single, I started out with BPI and when Jeff and I got married, we opened another account with BDO. Although we’re happy with both banks, it won’t hurt to look for other options that can give higher rates especially for a time deposit account. I’m eyeing the Perk Dollar Time Deposit of Asiatrust Bank which states that money can earn as much as 4.75% p.a. This is only a modest way to grow our money but at least, we get to save for our retirement early on. It may not be as high yielding as having a gold IRA, but as long as the money is safe, we’re gonna let it stay there for the meantime.

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I am married for 1 year and 3 months to be exact. Everything is peachy and no major arguments weren’t solved at the end of the day. The usual give-and-take relationship must always prevail and patience is imperative. Unfortunately, failed marriages are rampant nowadays. Incompatibilities, wrong decisions, falling out of love, third parties and money matters are some of the causes. One useful tip I’ve found “How to avoid money from destroying your marriage” will surely help couples in their relationships. I particularly applaud the author on stressing out the importance of saving for the future. Allotting a percentage of your salaries no matter how small will do wonders in the future, not only for the couple but for their future children as well.

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