How to save money using your credit card

Yes, you can save money using your credit card. You might think that having a credit card is just a temptation waiting to explode, huh? Well, for the wise-spenders, you can actually make use of your credit card to earn perks, freebies and benefits. But first, you should scout for the best credit card out there that suits your preference or needs. For example, if you’re a jetsetter, you might want to consider a credit card that ties up with an airline company that lets you earn travel points like a BPI Worldperks. If you often gas up at Petron, then you might want to get the BPI-Petron credit card to earn rebates. Other credit card companies like Metrobank has an M card that specifically targets their female clients.

Obviously, I’m using BPI credit card for 5 years now, a loyal and very happy client. And throughout those 5 years, I learned some credit card smarts that I want to share to let you save money by using your credit card:

BPI credit card Jollibee promo
BPI credit card Jollibee promo

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