New Cyleina Organics Soaps I’m using

As an expecting mom, I’m wary of not only what I eat but also on what I put on my skin. There are a lot of discussions on beauty products safe for pregnant women, some products to avoid are those containing salicylic acid, retinoids, atni-aging products, hair depilatories and hair dyes. Good thing products I’m using are mostly organic and natural, and now, I’m trying out other variants of Cyleina Organic Soaps that have more moisturizing properties to keep stretchmarks at bay.

Shea Butter

Cyleina Shea Butter

Shea butter heals blemishes and keeps wrinkles at bay and is also an excellent skin moisturizer.

When I got worried about having stretchmarks, this is the soap variant that first came to mind when I ordered a new batch of Cyleina. It did moisturize and surprisingly, no bacne/breakouts too. The scent is mild enough, more on the milky scent, perfect for pregnant women who became sensitive to some smells.


Cyleina Strawberry

A mild whitening soap with blended strawberry fruit to counteract sunburned and heavily blemished skin. Poppy seeds serve as a scrub, which exfoliate dry and patched skin. Continuous usage will make skin soft and smooth.

I used this not for its whitening properties but for its exfoliating properties. It doesn’t make my skin dry and the poppy seeds are not that harsh on skin. I prefer it to have more poppy seeds though, for better exfoliation. Strawberry scent is not prominent too, just a mild candy scent.

Green Tea

Cyleina Green Tea

Green Tea is known for its anti-oxidant properties, the poppy seeds also provides mild exfoliation. The herb-y/earth-y scent of this soap took some time before I got used to it, the scent grew on me everytime I used it. No breakouts too.

These three soaps are what’s in my soap dish right now, plus I love the green and red color combination, it’s getting a lot like Christmas.


  1. i hope my mom would be able to buy me the shea butter before coming here, hehe…

    everything here in Korea is so expensive. as in exaggerated ang price. even a regular drugstore makeup jan sa pinas (neutrogena, maybelline, revlon) costs a lot here. that’s why i’m also managing my weight gain very well so i won’t swell or grow big too fast, thus making stretchmarks more difficult to manage. i didn’t buy myself a bottle of stretchmark lotion either, i just got a lot of samples from the drugstore when alex bought me my maternity multivitamins, haha!


  2. Sis, ang shea butter in any form is good talaga for the skin. I think it’s the best moisturizer… better than what the olive oil claims 🙂


  3. ayos naman kahit anong reseller sa Pinas, sis? parang ok yung shea butter soap gusto ko magpabili sa ate ko pagpunta niya dito…


    hbgeek Reply:

    Yes, Cyleina has resellers nationwide naman, just transact kung saan ka comfortable na reseller. 🙂


  4. Better than olive oil? I might try those pure shea butter creams too. Thanks!


  5. Wow! I would love to try those! 😀

    BTW, your baby’s so lucky to have a responsible mom! ;D


    hbgeek Reply:

    Hi thanks Traveliztera! 🙂


  6. I’ve heard so much about cyleina, gusto ko tuloy i try especially the one with shea butter.

    Visiting you from GT!


  7. Green tea leaves my skin really fresh and soft. Will get another one next time I order Cyleina soaps. 🙂


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