Raw revolution with Qplus Multivitamins and Ole Olive Leaf Extract

Today, more and more people are into health and wellness. More people are involved into sports and a lot of people are starting to eat more healthy choices. It’s great that we now have plenty of options, whether we want our fruits and vegetables organic or our diets must be low in carbohydrates, etc.

Between my husband and I, he is the one who is into healthy living. We reserve our Fridays as our cleansing day because our lunch will be salad from the organic market near our office. He would often buy fruit shakes instead of colas and flavored juices. He believes in the health benefits of RAW food, but no, not raw fish or meat, it’s raw fruits and vegetables.

I once watched an episode in Oprah years ago about eating raw food. The concept is that by simply cooking the food, most of its nutrients and vitamins are lost. By eating raw, the vitamins and nutrients are all intact.

This is why Qplus is proud to carry Vital Code raw multivitamins and Ole Olive Leaf Extract.

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