On Nike Dri-fit and other sports clothing fabrics

When I was still active in mountain climbing and going the gym, I usually wear Dri Fit clothing because it’s convenient, cool to the skin and lightweight. Washing and drying them is also a breeze, dirts and stains can be easily removed and they dry easily. It has been the popular choice for most athletes because it wicks away perspiration from the body and brings it to another surface of the fabric. One major disadvantage of this fabric is its smell, no matter how much fabric conditioners and detergent I used, it still has this funky smell. Until I answered this from Dneero, I learned that the culprit for that funky smell is the residues left by perspiration in the fabric. Feel free to answer the survey below.


  1. I know about that funky smell! Don’t wear dri-fit wick tops anymore… It gets too stinky for me. Now I just wear a razorback sando, the ones selling in greenhills for 180 for two….


  2. arpee lazaro says

    my wife has one of those dri-fit shirts and so do i. we bought ours from the nike store inside rockwell, so di naman yung fake, i hope. pero wala namang smell yung shirts namin. while i’m using it and i’m sweaty, definitely may amoy. but after washing it, ok na sya. maybe it’s the brand of fabric conditioner that makes the difference. we use white wash na kasama na conditioner and detergent in one. just a thought.


  3. ~*~ Badet ~*~ says

    @arpee: hmmm… the fabric conditioner might be the culprit too, kanya-kanya lang siguro… my husband and I have other brands of dri-fit shirts and I think it depends on the thickness and kind of fabric too.


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