Practical way to save up on gas

Philippines and other countries are suffering from exorbitant prices of gas. As a result, all commodities also go up. Life is difficult these days, the value of our money is getting smaller and buying power becomes lesser.

Jeff and I use our fuel-hogging car to work. The Php 800.00 gas we load every week is enough to get us to work and home and some errands to the mall once in a while. That was 3-4 months ago. Now, with gas prices at Php 60.47 per liter, the Php 800 gas will last us for only 3 days, *sighs*.

What to do? Well, we managed a car-pool. Good thing that my brother is working just 2 blocks away from our office. On days that we don’t use our car, we rode with our brother’s car and the next week, my brother will ride with us. The only problem is going home because we have different working hours, we finish early that’s why we have to commute going home. Commuting, riding jeepneys, FX and trains, will be a great help to the drivers too. It will increase their income since there will be an increase in their passengers. It’s like hitting two birds at one stone too, we get to save more money if we take FX/jeepneys instead of taking our car and helping the drivers as well.

Should gas prices still continue to rise, we might sell our present car and buy a more fuel-efficient one. We’re eyeing a Suzuki Swift or a Honda Jazz

If you have some other tips on how to save on gas, please share. Meanwhile, I got my inspiration for this post from Dneero, you can also answer the conversation below:


  1. MrAdventure says

    My plan is to convert my van to LPG. I think that will happen next week.

    It’s going to cost around 30,000 pesos, but judging from gas prices I believe it will pay for itself within 5 months. After that it will just be saving me money.

    Oh yeah, and it’s much better for the environment.


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