A “spa retreat” at Blue Water Day Spa

A “spa retreat”, that’s what I want to call the experience when you have your massage at Blue Water Day Spa’s Capitol Hills branch. One doesn’t have to go for a 2-hour drive to Tagaytay just to “escape”  and relax from the stress of living in the city. Just visiting the Capitol  Hills branch will bring you to a different atmosphere, a relaxing retreat. You’ll see greens provided by the golf course nearby and fresh breeze because of the strategic elevated location of the spa. Watching the sunset is another relaxing experience aside from having a spa.


What I would like to try is the Traditional Filipino Massage, a 2-hour massage consisting of calm and tender strokes. The serenity and calmness of the place is a perfect combination with this massage. The perfect timing for me to try this is right after running at the UP Oval. If budget permits, the Brazilian Crystal Massage sounds perfect too. Many people believe the healing properties of crystals when energized, but for crystals to be energized, it has to be conditioned and cleansed in a peaceful environment. Below is a photo I captured just outside the reception area of Blue Water Day Spa…

blue water capitol hills

I’m sure the photo above convinced you to head on to Capitol Hills branch, here’s a map of their location together with contact details:

Capitol Hills location map

Capitol Hills location map

BlueWater Day Spa Capitol Hills Branch

Capitol GreenStreet Commercial Center, Capitol Hills Golf Annex Building, Capitol Hills Drive, Old Balara, Quezon City

Telephone Numbers: +63 (2) 4730455, 9524829, 4350114

To know more about their treatments and services, visit the Blue Water Day Spa website. You can also join the contest to have a chance to win a free invite for a Bloggers Event at the Capitol Hills branch.


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  2. badet,

    hope you win, too! Hope we both win. Hehehe.

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  3. Hope we both win para jumpshot ulit after! Hihihi! Nice shot and ganda talaga ng view doon anoh parang nasa Overlooking sa Antipolo and Tagaytay 🙂

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  5. Hmmmm I hope I find time to try this when I am in Manila again….I really need a good massage.

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  6. If you ever go to Antipolo I highly recommend My Downstairs Spa & Salon, excellent staff, services, and prices!!! http://myparadisespa.com/


  7. I’d be in heaven going to a 2 hour massage! I’m really curious about the crystal massage….I’ve never heard of that one before but it sounds like a really beautiful place to go for a holiday.



  1. badet says:

    Want to have a relaxing spa, read this: http://tinyurl.com/chfgo9

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