Karylle is one of Blue Water Day Spa’s Newest Endorsers

It’s confirmed! Karylle replaces Marian Rivera as the female endorser of Blue Water Day Spa. As early as April, news spread on who will be the next Blue Water Day Spa endorser. Days before their official launch, Mr. Francis Simisim gave us a sneak peek of the new Blue Water Day Spa website along with its newest endorsers, Karylle and Akihiro Sato. Akihiro Sato, a 24-year-old half-Japanese and half-Brazilian model, is a fast-rising name in the fashion/modeling industry.

Blue Water Day Spa website

Blue Water Day Spa website

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A “spa retreat” at Blue Water Day Spa

A “spa retreat”, that’s what I want to call the experience when you have your massage at Blue Water Day Spa’s Capitol Hills branch. One doesn’t have to go for a 2-hour drive to Tagaytay just to “escape”  and relax from the stress of living in the city. Just visiting the Capitol  Hills branch will bring you to a different atmosphere, a relaxing retreat. You’ll see greens provided by the golf course nearby and fresh breeze because of the strategic elevated location of the spa. Watching the sunset is another relaxing experience aside from having a spa.


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Marian Rivera vs. Karylle as Blue Water Day Spa endorser

Marian Rivera and Karylle
Marian Rivera and Karylle

News were circulating around the web on 2 female celebrities, Marian Rivera and Karylle. No, the issue does not involve Dingdong Dantes. Apparently, Karylle replaced Marian Rivera as the new endorser of Blue Water Day Spa. Due to a lot of talks and allegations on different Marian Rivera fansites and forums, Mr. Francis Simisim of Blue Water Day Spa released an official statement regarding this matter:

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Blue Water Day Spa Capitol Hills Grand Opening

I’m one of the 10 bloggers who was invited by Mr. Francis Simisim of Techfilipino.com to witness the unveiling of the newest branch of Blue Water Day Spa at Capitol Hills, Quezon City. I failed to experience the Spa Movie Theater at their Ortigas branch because of conflict on my schedule so I vowed to myself not to miss this one. Aside from that, I am ecstatic to meet Piolo Pascual and Marian Rivera in person, the two are the celebrity endorsers of Blue Water Day Spa. Meeting these two gorgeous people, especially Piolo Pascual, already brought me to cloud nine. Marian Rivera is like a doll with her beautiful face.

with Papa P!

with Marian Rivera

If you’re still yearning for some TLC from a masseuse, Blue Water Day Spa has well-trained and courteous ladies waiting to take care of you. I love the concept of the rooms in the spa which are labeled as Heavenly, Tranquility, Serenity, etc… Just take your pick and I’m sure you’ll feel relaxed and revived all the same.

“Heavenly” room

inside one of the massage rooms (Piolo sat down in that chair while bloggers interviewed him)

Blue Water Day Spa, Capitol Hills

The location of the newest branch is perfect! Going to the Capitol Hills branch is a relaxation for the body, mind and soul. It’s surely an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city without leaving the city. Tucked away within the luscious greens of the golf course, visiting the spa literally meant a breathe of fresh air.

And after your massage, go out, lounge and grab your cup of tea and watch the sunset….

view of the golf course and the sunset

Website: http://www.bluewaterdayspa.com/
Bluewater Day Spa Capitol Hills Branch operating hours:
Monday-Thursday: 2:00 PM to 11:00 PM
Friday-Saturday: 11:00 AM- 12 midnight
For reservations and appointments, please call 435-0114, 473-0455 and 952-4829

My favorite spa treatment at Blue Water Day Spa

I’m one of the selected 28 bloggers who won a chance to be the first to experience the first Spa Movie Theater at Blue Water Day Spa. By just submitting my entry, Mr. Francis Simisim of TechFilipino.com included me on the list of 28 bloggers. Unfortunately, my busy schedule hindered me to go to this luxurious experience at their Greenhills branch. But I didn’t fret that much because I can still enjoy spa treatments from Blue Water Day Spa at their Mother Ignacia branch in Quezon City. This branch is a few hops away from my office and whenever I need some pampering, it’s just a phone call away for appointment and a few minutes later, I’m inside their sauna.

My favorite spa treatment is the Traditional Filipino Massage and Swedish Massage. Whenever I need some serious deep tissue massage for my aching muscles, I go for the Traditional Filipino Massage. On some days that I just need some R&R, I go for the Swedish Massage. Two weeks ago, I had my Swedish Massage courtesy of my fave masseuse, Ivy.

reception area, Mother Ignacia branch

The Blue Water Day Spa Mother Ignacia branch is maybe quite small compared to other spas but it will still make you feel relaxed with its ambiance. The lighting treatments in the spa gives you a cooling and relaxing effect already. At the reception, you will be greeted by their friendly staff, a slipper will be handed to you at once and they are also the ones to keep your shoes.

shower area

The shower, sauna, lockers and massage area is upstairs, area for guys are on the left wing while the area for ladies are on the right wing. Guys will be welcomed by the huge photo of Piolo Pascual while ladies will be greeted by Marian Rivera’s gorgeous face at the top of the stairs. Shampoo, soaps and towels are provided, other items like hair blowers, straightening irons and variety of brushes are also laid out in the counter.

Papa Piolo

The Swedish Massage is an hour-long massage consisting of soft to medium strokes on muscles. My masseuse, Ivy, did a good job I dozed off at one point. I guess having a Swedish Massage is one of the cheap thrills I can give to myself for just Php 650. Traditional Filipino Massage is Php 950.

Whenever there’s a good product or service, word-of-mouth is still a powerful tool to be known. And that’s the advantage of Blue Water Day Spa, because of the good services I enjoyed, I recommended it to my friends and officemates and even posted at Girtalk forum at Femalenetwork.com. Oh, and even our Quality Manager in the office is a frequent customer, she’s so happy with the services that’s why she gave away gift certificates for a free massage and a Foot Smoother Scrub as an incentive for quality achievers in our company.

Blue Water Day Spa is surely making it big, another addition to their branches is the Capitol Hills Branch. This 300-square feet branch just opened last January 2009, see the video of the Capitol Hills Branch below courtesy of YouTube:

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