To jog or to walk?

Original plan was to jog around UP Sunken Garden. First time to jog again after 8 months. 8 months ago, I was going to the gym 2 to 3 times a week but laziness hit me after a few months so I’m back with an inactive lifestyle. Since its January and like any other New Year’s resolutions, I started my resolution to “Move more and exercise” routine by jogging around UP after work. I ended up brisk walking almost 3/4 of the trail. After the first round at the UP Oval, Jeff and I feasted on yummy street foods, quail eggs (tokneneng) and siomai. What a great way to start a healthy and active lifestyle eh? So the question is,to jog or to walk or to eat?

sugar free, originally uploaded by wander_girl.


  1. Wala namang kalaban-laban yung choices na “Jog” or “Walk” sa choice na stop and “Eat”. “To jog or to walk?” That’s not a fair question. =)

    Kain na lang. I wonder if you’re actually burning calories while you are eating. I-research ko nga yan.

    Pareho yata kayo ng principles ni Merlyn pagdating sa exercise…very Zen…”Less is more”.



  2. ~*~ Badet ~*~ says

    Kung nagbuburn nga ng calories while eating, eh di yun na lang din gagawin ko. Pati si Merlyn magbobonding pa kami, hehe..


  3. I go for to eat..LOL

    I have an award waiting for you at my blog.


  4. AHA! Jogging pala ha? kaya pala nagtatanong about latasia fusion.


  5. hi there badet! thank you for dropping by. take care. 🙂


  6. ang dali naman ng tanong mo…hehehe, eh di syempre I go for to eat…..nag exercise din naman ang panga mo sa pagkain…it somehow burn calories hehehehe


  7. hahha…obviously …i will hit the food…hehhe! kakaloka ka naman na magjogging…mountain dew pa ang katapat…hahah…joke! Ako nako been awhile narin na d nakapag gym…busy sa blogging life! hhehehe…:)


  8. Daddy Mike says

    Nice photo. 🙂 Ako siguro walk, di na ako nakakalakad, hehe..


  9. i miss the campus after reading your post. was there twice last month when i visited phils.



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