What is a green police?

If the policemen in our country are responsible for peace and order, then a green police is responsible for air quality and pollution control.

The modern Green Police are an environmental task force comprised of collaborative law enforcement groups assembled to crack down on emissions in large US metropolitan cities.

It is assembled as the active arm of political debates amongst policy holders in the fight against climate change. Also, it is seen by agencies as some of the first real world action in the United States since the discussion in Copenhagen.

Honestly, I cringe at the sight of a police, it’s as if they’re out on the street to give you tickets for a traffic violation and to ask you for some bribe, aaah the reputation of kotong cops. But upon knowing the objectives of a green police, I wish all countries should train people on how to be one. It will be a very challenging job especially at these times but all countries must unite in solving the chronic pollution problem globally.

air pollution everywhere

Don’t you like to wake up one morning and see the clear and bright horizon instead of smog? I’m sure everyone would love to have a breathe of the freshest of air. But the present situation makes a clean air environment go bleak. Some non-government organizations (NGOs) are doing big steps to fight climate change, if those will not suffice, a new career for environmentalists should be green police.


  1. hi there, you talked about green police in america,. i wonder what they wear or how they arrest anti-environment criminals. i think in the philippines, it would be a long time before all of us become environmentally conscious enough to actually have grenn police.but nice idea though

    .-= lds pinay´s last blog ..Hi there, i’m selling my books! =-.


  2. I’m curious about that too. I might as well do some readings on that. =)


  3. I wish the government would invest in something useful like this instead of making so manu bus stops and billboards.


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