Vroom, vroom…

Motorcycles are slowly taking over our streets in Manila. With the chronic problem of traffic here in the Philippines, looks like everyone is hopping to motorcycle bandwagon just to cut their travelling time in half especially during rush hours. I still vehemently dislike the idea of buying or riding a motorcycle, more so here in the dangerous streets of Manila wherein everyday, you’ll hear news about motorcycle accidents.

One of my aunts also shares the same opinion in having motorcycles, but having two men in their household who ganged up on her to get her approval, she can’t say no. So off they went to a motorcycle store and made a downpayment for it, for just Php 4,500 as downpayment and Php 1,500 monthly terms, they can now take home their brand new bike. No wonder, every Juan can afford to buy a motorcycle, with these low downpayment and cheap monthly schemes.

Joe Rocket motorcycle helmet

Motorcycle safety is one condition that my aunt made firm. They should invest on motorcycle gears and helmets, safety should not come cheap. One important investment is a motorcycle helmet like this one from Joe Rocket. Quite steep for its price, but just thinking about your head’s safety is enough to convince you to buy quality safety gears, right?

Of course, it will be a shame to cruise around a black shiny new motorcycle without proper attire. I’ll suggest to my aunt to have a look at Fieldsheer or Cortech for motorcycle jackets and gloves.


  1. its true that it can help us to get into our destination more quickly however there’s also disadvantages using it so we really need extra care when using motorcycle, i strongly agree w/ u.


  2. I wish motorcycles vanish….I hate them. I don’t like their roaring noise and I don’t like the dangers that comes with riding it. They should be banned.


  3. i love to drive motorcycles 😀 eheheh 😀 tsaka badet, baka interested ka to join red’s contest, kailangan ko kasi ng points ung sa referral eheheh
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  4. Motorcycles are dangerous…I hope sean wouldn’t wanna drive this when his bigger.


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