Travel plans this 4-day long weekend

Where are you heading this 4 day long weekend? Upon President PNoy’s announcement making October 31, 2011a special holiday, I’m sure a lot of people checked some destinations in and out of the country. My officemates checked out some airline promos from different websites to look for cheap Asian country flights and some local destinations. Unfortunately, most airlines and hotels also consider this long weekend as peak season so rates are higher than usual. If PNoy already announced holidays earlier, itchy feet Pinoys should have planned their travels wisely, now this is what I miss about President GMA, being generous with special holidays :p.

As for our family, we are Aklan and Boracay-bound! I am looking forward for a weekend of beach, sun (I hope!) and sand!

see you in Boracay!

I’m 3 months pregnant when we had our company outing last year, this time, it’ll be just our family, with our 10-month-old Gwen! I’m pretty excited because I’ll be spending my birthday in the island plus we’re planning on participating in their Trick or Treat.

But first, I must search for an updated recommended hotels/accommodations in Boracay because my Boracay blog posts were 3 years ago. So the rates might be higher and there might be new recommended accommodations.  As usual, we’re not choosy when it comes to hotels, as long as it’s clean, affordable, air-conditioned and secured, we’re fine.

Some Boracay hotels I’m considering:

  • Tans Guesthouse – recommended hotel based on PEX and Girltalk forum.
  • Island Nook – a boutique hotel located near D’Mall. However, it’s not beachfront.
  • MGB Cottages – rates are cheap (Php 2,000 for 3-4 pax) and my officemate was there last weekend.
I just have to secure a reservation first since it’s peak season and we’re good. So guys, where are you going this 4 day long weekend?


  1. Wow Bora! Take lots of pictures!

    We might be off to Bicol.


  2. Wow inggit ako..kami walang holiday dito kasi everyday is a holiday hehehe


  3. Wow, parang summer nga ang panahon now, at ang sarap magbabad sa dagat 🙂 kami sa bahay lang! haytz


  4. we have no any plan yet for this long weekend.. we might just stay home..


  5. wow! hope I can visit the place too…we’re planning to go to BAguio… 🙂


  6. How was your Bora trip? Hope you had lots of fun!!

    Patingin pics!


  7. Nakabalik na ba kayo from Bora?


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