LSM Square Boracay review

On our Boracay trip this November, we stayed at LSM Square. It’s not exactly a beachfront accommodation but it’s located in Station 1. It’s along the road, in front of Crown Regency Prince. I still like it nonetheless because the walk going to the white beach through the alley is just a mere 5 minutes. The walk to the alley will take you beside Nandana Boracay.

It’s very affordable considering the hotel-like interior of the rooms. Take a look at the family room I booked for just Php 2000 per night, it has 2 double beds and 1 single bed. This is Room No. 9 located at the second floor.

This room for only Php 2000 per night!

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Gasthof, Home of Boracay’s Famous Baby Back Ribs

When in Boracay, do not miss eating at Gasthof for their baby back ribs! You won’t miss Gasthof because it’s a beachfront restaurant, and is located just at the entrance of D’Mall.

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Kalibo airport to Caticlan via Southwest Tours

If you want a comfortable ride from Kalibo airport to Caticlan when going to Boracay, try Southwest Tours coasters. They are priced higher than the normal vans and L300s, Php 300 for the coaster ride to Caticlan plus the boat ride to Boracay. You have to shoulder the terminal fee, Php 50, and Php 75, environmental fee.

Southwest Tours Boracay

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Travel plans this 4-day long weekend

Where are you heading this 4 day long weekend? Upon President PNoy’s announcement making October 31, 2011a special holiday, I’m sure a lot of people checked some destinations in and out of the country. My officemates checked out some airline promos from different websites to look for cheap Asian country flights and some local destinations. Unfortunately, most airlines and hotels also consider this long weekend as peak season so rates are higher than usual. If PNoy already announced holidays earlier, itchy feet Pinoys should have planned their travels wisely, now this is what I miss about President GMA, being generous with special holidays :p.

As for our family, we are Aklan and Boracay-bound! I am looking forward for a weekend of beach, sun (I hope!) and sand!

see you in Boracay!

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Missing the sun

It’s been 2 days of continuous raining, and I’m not complaining. The weather is just perfect especially when I don’t have any errands to do outside the house. I can do DVD marathons or surf the Web without having to complain about the heat. While I was browsing the Web, I stumbled upon photos of a resort in Myrtle Beach. Come to think of it, half of the year has passed and we weren’t able to go for a beach vacation. We missed our company outing last May because of a planned trip abroad, the company went to Bohol. We had a blast in our HK vacation but I also wished that we were able to join our officemates at the beach. Judging from their pictures, their accommodation is not that grand compared with Oceanfront Hotel Myrtle Beach.

Grand Shores at Myrtle Beach

Grand Shores at Myrtle Beach

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Sidetrips in Aklan (Sampaguita Gardens, Ramboy’s, Bagobos)

When you’re in Aklan for your Boracay trip and you have time to spare, visiting Jojo’s Christmas Cottage at Sampaguita Gardens in New Washington, Aklan is well worth it. It’s a 10-minute ride from the Kalibo Airport. The highlight inside the Sampaguita Gardens is Jojo’s Christmas Cottage. In here, the motto is “Everyday is Christmas”. The cottage had its share of media exposures and was featured on some of TV shows like Rated K. The cottage houses “Precious Moments” doll collections and various Christmas trees in all forms, themes and sizes. Souvenir items like handicrafts, T-shirts, trinkets and other Precious Moments knick-knacks are sold here.

Jojo’s Christmas Cottage at night

Sampaguita Gardens is sort-of a Mini-Disneyland of Aklan in my opinion. It also has a Thai Spa, Thai-inspired Mr. Butcher’s House, hotel, butterfly garden, coffee shop, function hall and the Oriental Flavors Restaurant for your fine dining experience.


To taste the best Lechon Manok in Aklan, go to Ramboy’s along the hi-way of Numancia, Aklan. For Caticlan-bound visitors, you can’t miss this place since public transportation always pass this route.

Ramboy’s, Numancia, Aklan

Just beside Ramboy’s is another restaurant called Bagobos. We had our dinner at this place on our first day. We ordered Crispy Pata and Sisig, the Crispy Pata is delicious. But service is really really slow, I’m warning you not to eat here if you’re looking for a quick bite.

Bagobos, Numancia, Aklan

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