Tips On Choosing Office Shoes

Choosing the right shoes to wear for a work setting can be complicated, as both comfort and style normally come into play. Once you factor your budget into the equation, that’s when things can become super tricky. While you can save money on your office footwear by taking advantage of coupons and sales, the following tips can have you looking your best at the workplace while keeping you within your chosen budget.

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Focus On Versatility

Instead of spending large amounts of money on a few pairs of name brand shoes, use your money wisely by focusing on versatility. Unless your office shoes can be worn with a variety of outfits and can be used to create numerous looks, spending a fortune on them is not advisable.

Searching for office shoes that can supply the versatility you need? Look no further than the basic black pump. There is a reason they are seen in so many offices and it is because they can essentially go with just about anything. Or, if you are someone who is in search of a different option, the nude pump is always recommended. There are many styles you can get at an affordable price when you just use some promo codes for Target or look for other special deals.

Let Your Personality Shine Through

Even if you work in an office environment, you can still allow your personality to shine through, while remaining well within your budgetary constraints. Looking professional and showcasing your personal sense of style does not have to be an either/or proposition. Office fashion thrives when you allow just a little bit of flair to go a long way!

There are ways to add accents to your footwear, without going too far over the top. Shoes with an animal print or animal skin can be worn under the right circumstances, with the proper ensemble. Ribbons and bows are another popular choice. Just remember that you definitely can have way too much of a good thing and keep your purchases within reason.

Avoid The Inappropriate

A common pitfall for those who seek inexpensive yet stylish office shoes? Choosing shoes that are inexpensive, but inappropriate. Be sure to clear any purchases that you are considering making with your superiors before you decide to stroll in wearing something that could get you sent home to make a change. This is an embarrassing moment that probably all of us would rather avoid.

Sure, that cheap pair of platform heels might be very cute, but they are also very wrong for the office and should be kept in the closet for nighttime outings. Sandals are a no no, even if you buy a pair that is beige or another muted color.

Any heels that would be considered “party” heels should also be left at home. A good rule of thumb to follow: if you can picture yourself wearing the shoes to a party or a nightclub, then they are probably not appropriate for work wear.

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