The Top 3 Villa Rentals for Family Getaways in France

In the old-world cities of France, it can be easy to get a little overwhelmed by the depth of character and culture displayed in this scenic country. For families that are looking to find a comfortable getaway, though, France offers a number of choice locations well-suited to a number of guests.

View of 32 Rue du Four, a luxury villa in Paris, France

Located in the very heart of France, 32 Rue du Four is a pleasant villa located only minutes away from a number of Paris’ top attractions, rendering it an accessible base from which to explore this famous city. There’s no need to rent a taxi for half an hour to get close enough to see the sights! The primary bedroom features a King-size bed along with an en-suite bathroom, and a dressing room to provide the parents with the space and comfort they’re used to. The remaining two bedrooms offer enough space for three children to settle in and get comfortable. Air Conditioning services the entire apartment, allowing everyone to relax at a temperature they’re used to, and the multiple bathrooms ensure that nobody will be left waiting for too long. Satellite TV, free long-distance calls to 49 countries, and internet access also help keep you in touch with the rest of the world, rendering this delightful apartment a top contender for families.

View of Mas de L’ Esperance, a luxury villa in Provence, France

Beautiful and cultured though it is, Paris is not the only place that exists in France, and villa rentals serve other parts of the country as well. Situated in the friendly Provence region, Mas de L’ Esperance is a family-friendly villa built to accommodate a slightly larger group in elegance and comfort. The four bedrooms of this villa are each equipped with their own bathroom, and three Queen-sized mattresses help to provide room for everyone while a fourth, Single-size bed is suitable for a young member of the family. Enjoy the on-site swimming pool, or take a short drive to the beach for some summer fun. Laundry facilities, outdoor cooking, and a secure entryway help make this villa safe, scenic, and a great way to visit the southern areas of France.

View of Maison De La Treille, a luxury villa in Provence, France

However, of all the French villas, the most family-friendly locale is undoubtedly Maison De La Treille. Despite featuring five bedrooms to divvy up among the members of the household, a very respectable number, this villa is actually one of the least expensive locations in all of France. The fun doesn’t stop there, though; for families of four or fewer people, Maison De La Treille offers the opportunity to rent only one of the two buildings that make up this villa, reducing the cost even further and helping make this villa a budget-saving destination for enjoying France. Adding in all of the other features, such as the swimming pool, security, temperature control, and convenient location, Maison De La Treille is a great choice for any family looking to experience the hospitality and culture of France.


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