Battle of the 2014 Planners

In preparation for the coming year, people who are into using a planner are now on the look-out for 2014 planners. Some make use of generic planners found in bookstores but there are some who find thrill in collecting stickers and stamps just to get a planner. Which one are you?

I confess, I’m the latter. The sheer happiness of completing the stickers to get my Starbucks planner appeals to me (even if I end up not using the planner, shhhh… :p)

I compiled some of the popular planners for 2014.

Starbucks Philippines 2014 Planner

Starbucks 2014 Planner, available in yellow, brown, magenta and black

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Campus Belle de Jour Planner 2012 plus a GIVEAWAY! {Winner announced}

Few winks from now and it’s back-to-school again. So boys and girls, savor every sunshine this summer coz you’ll be back to the daily grind. While it’s sad that vacation is coming to an end, I also felt excited for the coming school year when I was still a student. It means being back to the company of your friends, going to your usual hang-outs or tambayan. Another thing that excites me for the coming school year is shopping for new clothes, shoes and bags and of course school supplies (of course, this is not fun for my parents, hehe). I love shopping for notebooks, until now, I’m a pen and notebook gal, I still like to jot down things instead of using my phone as an organizer. I’m crazy about colorful notebooks and those irresistible pastel colored pens. Sigh, makes me want to go back to school because of this…

And if you’re looking for an organizer, look no further because Campus Belle de Jour Planner (Campus BDJ) 2012-2013 is here! Yes, it’s Belle de Jour Power Planner‘s younger sibling so it’s still fab. Campus BDJ is now available at Php 398 at all major bookstores.

love the pastel-colored Campus BDJ Planners for 2012-2013

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