Peach Perfect! This New C2 Drink Bursts with Flavors of Sweet Black Tea and Fruity Peach

Feeling the summer sizzle? Beat the heat with a new delicious drink that can help keep you refreshed, tantalize your taste buds, and leave you feeling absolutely peachy.

 C2 Cool & Clean has a wide range of refreshing and delicious tea-based drinks that make for a quick yet delightful pick-me-up. Recently, the well-loved beverage brand introduced C2 Black Tea Peach, a refreshingly light drink you can enjoy this summer.

C2 Black Tea Peach

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Raising the Bar: The Rising Standards of Professional Childminding in the Philippines

Childminding has undergone significant changes in the Philippines, with the standards of professional childminding reaching new heights. Understanding the evolution of childminding practices in the country provides valuable insights into the historical context and modern shifts that have contributed to this transformation.

Innacircle child minders philippines

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Treat yourself! 4 delicious ways to celebrate a job well done

Working for several hours a day can be tiring, that’s why efficient workers use motivational “tricks” to stay upbeat no matter how busy their day gets. One the tricks is to give yourself a small “treat” for a job well done. What it does is help encourage you to finish your daily tasks.

These don’t have to be expensive or elaborate. Simple and easy-to-do activities can feel satisfying and may even energize you for your next task.

URC Rewards

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Uratex Mattress Celebrates #TulogIsLife on World Sleep Day 2023

Uratex, the leading foam company in the Philippines, celebrates all things sleep and explains why #TulogIsLife during this year’s World Sleep Day 2023 (WSD). “WSD” is a special day happening this March 17 which hopes to reinforce the value of having a good night’s sleep for every person.

Uratex Mattresses World Sleep Day 2023

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A Merrier and Sparkling Christmas with Welch’s

After two years, it’s beginning to look a lot like a merrier Christmas — holiday celebrations will be grander as family and friends can celebrate face-to-face in various venues or in the comforts of one’s home. They can now continue holiday traditions that were temporarily put on hold during the pandemic or create new ones for an exciting experience.

welch sparkling

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Take the Pocky Heart-to-Heart TikTok Challenge and tap into the joy of gift-giving

Glico Philippines, Inc. is celebrating Pocky day (11.11) this November 11, 2022 with a new TikTok challenge that combines the Filipino culture of gift-giving with a cute Pocky trend popularized in Japan. The Pocky Heart-to-Heart TikTok Challenge is perfect for those looking to showcase their love to the ones they hold dearest.

Pocky 11.11 Tiktok Challenge KV

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