Sponsored Video: A mother’s love and the Flavour of Home

One thing I learned about social media is that there are some factors for a video to become viral. Either it stars a popular celebrity or it tugs the heart of many viewers. Such is the case of this new video from Knorr, Flavour Of Home. It’s a heartwarming story about Carmen, an Arctic husky carer, and her mom who surprised her and brought her the flavour of home.

There’s nothing like a mother’s cooking. It’s not about the most expensive ingredient used in a dish, or how many hard-to-find spices rubbed in the meat, or how many hours it took to make. Maybe it’s because of the outpouring love that comes with it whenever a mother cooks food for her family.

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Like me, I know how to cook. But sometimes, I yearn for my Nanay’s Nilagang Baka. When I was younger, Nilagang Baka is our staple food every weekend. Nanay will boil the beef over charcoal for hours until the meat is fall-off-the-bone tender. Then, she’ll add corn, sweet potato, potato, cabbage, and other flavorings. Up until now, I can’t cook a mean Nilaga like Nanay. Maybe because I’m just too lazy to boil it over charcoal first and I just cook it over stove. Or maybe it’s something that I can never copy no matter how I try, because that’s the one thing that will remain special and unique…that whenever I taste that flavourful beef broth, I will remember my mother.

 Now that I have my own family, I also like to start a tradition with my husband and daughter. We love to eat and share stories over a hearty lunch or dinner, this brings us closer together. I’d like them to feel that for every spoonful of that delicious food, it will not only satiate their hunger but will also warm their hearts and will make them say…. Hmmmmm… I’m HOME.

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Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by Knorr, but all thoughts are my own.


  1. I came across another post about Knorr’s video. Still touching after a second view. 🙂 It’ll be different when my kids grow up. It’ll be their dad’s excellent cooking they’ll remember.


  2. Food would always be perfect bonding opportunity with the family. I’m sure there will be a time that it would be your kids that would look for your cooking.


  3. My sinigang will never be complete without Knorr 🙂


  4. Knorr is a versatile kitchen helper. Our everyday ulam won’t be complete without it.


  5. I have same feeling as you. For me my mom’s the best cook and she always makes amazing and homey dishes. Which, someday I hope to learn too 😀


  6. I miss my mother’s cooking too. I only learned to really cook about three years ago. I’ve improved a lot, if I do say so myself. Haha! My kids do compliment my cooking. I hope that even as they grow up, they’ll still yearn for my cooking. 🙂


  7. Sometimes, the simplest food brings the most comfort and happiness. Now, that is one line / quote I definitely have to agree about. Well said.


  8. touching, i agree that food brings family bonding much easier and fun! like the video too!!


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