Sleek granite kitchen sink

Last night, Jeff and I suddenly recalled our plan on our dream house in Cavite. He had a knack in drawing and sketching and he was able to make the house plan like an expert. We kept the file in our PC for future reference, the plan has undergone different changes from time to time whenever a new idea popped into our minds. Last night was one of them when I called his attention on granite sinks I stumbled in a website. Our original plan was to use a stainless steel sink because that’s the only one we can find readily available in home depots. But if there are other alternatives like a granite sink, we’ll choose this because granites are made to last.

granite sink in black
granite sink in black

We’ll definitely keep tabs on this granite sink and hope that it will be locally available here in the future. Otherwise,  we can order from the site since MR Direct ships worldwide to its customers and retailers. What makes me excited about this sink is because of the additional silver ions that claims to kill 99% of bacteria on contact. It’s heat resistant so I can dump my hot pots and pans here when I’m cooking. The scratch resistant feature is also an advantage so that I don’t have to worry on destroying the sink when sharp objects like knives come in contact. And the price, it’s even cheaper that most stainless steel sinks we canvassed!

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