Shorthorn Pares

I’ve been seeing posts about Shorthorn Pares in my FB feed for quite some time. They have this HB Pares which has beef pares and a huge slab of bone marrow, ooooh, just thinking about it made me crave one now.

Shorthorn Pares is located in Project 8, Quezon City. So when we got the chance to be near the area, I suggested to Jeff that we have our lunch there. Their original store is closed for renovation and they opened an extension in Road 11, it’s just near the original store.

shorthorn pares

We came around 1 pm and there are still a lot of people in line and waiting for tables. Parking is also a challenge, you just have to park along the street.

Okay, I’m excited for my order, HB Pares for 180 pesos. It comes with beef pares, bone marrow, garlic rice, and unlimited bulalo soup.

hb pares shorthorn pares

The bone marrow will be torched in front of you upon order. This is nice but I think they can get another person to torch the marrow instead of the same person getting your order and payment.

I’ve tasted better beef pares in other places but one thing that you’ll come back for here is the bone marrow. For its price, it’s worth it.

The Annex location is really small and somewhat unappealing for dining customers, I’m not sure how it looks like in the original location though.

shorthorn pares3

Nevertheless, Shorthorn Pares is worth a try if you’re in the area. But if you live in the South, I’m sure you’ll find something nearer.

Shorthorn Pares

 #3 Shorthorn St.
Project 8, Quezon City


  1. layo naman, sana magkaroon dito sa South


    Badet Siazon Reply:

    hahaha… hanap na lang tayo ng masarap na pares sa south 🙂


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